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Already told Kari but turns out he won't be active either so I'm telling here

I know I'm CRUCIAL part of our wars, but even though my war thingy is green, don't include me in.


Phone died.

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update:   Due a update of Clash of Clans, our clan has been given a unique tag: #2YLLU2LC If you search on it via clan search, you will find the clan immediately by using the tag above as search wo

Ok guys war starts today. As we have a few new guys we wanted to give out some tips for wars.   1. Be active and participate. If you don't try and attack then we can't win. Use both attacks availab

Send me your iPhone first and I will try it out then. ;>

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Need some information about wars .... 


Can anyone tell me that wars are going on or not? 



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45 minutes ago, DJ aka GDR DJ said:

 yes, we have

just to know i play clash also.. would be nice if i could join that aswell

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I've got it as well, maxed out th 10 i believe if not 9 for sure. I've been playing on and off for years. A F|A clan there would be awesome!

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