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@LazyHippo  I see most of you guys are lucky,  you can visit beaches , sea shores etc.  I love sand by sea , but these kind of places are way too far from my house. Maybe someday I get to visit beach too :D  . Enjoy!

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On 9/14/2020 at 11:47 PM, Daddy said:

Hey lazzy, nice and beautful place, looks like the beachs here, Recife Ceara, Brazil......

LoL, another brazilian.. Didn´t know about that. 


I´m from Salvador - Bahia. Nice to meet you.

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39 minut temu, AstenZoolen napisał:

It's me on the 1st photo, taken year ago, right before first attempt of reaching top of the mountain, unfortunately i didn't make it back then, it was too late, mobile phone was out of battery, my gf was tired etc..the truth is I was scared and the mountain won, but this time I made it, 2nd photo shows the view from the peak ( been there yesterday) 





Is it Rysy?

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