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Upgrading PC rather than new 1 - SSD cloning?

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I think Ford can hadle the Panzerfaust pretty well without 144 or 165 Hz or frames,...

i wouldnt be wondered if he plays the Panzerfaust on default 43/90 FPS... 

Not everyone is onto Pure fragging, Highend hardware fiddling,

some play ET just for relaxation, fun, or timewaste in between some reallife accations... Not everyone has our points of views.


But yeah, concluding to all our posts,

he must go now,

buy a rx550 and a 165HZ Screen, install it on a pirated WinXP with Freesync and then, defrag the old HDD´s while waiting for ET to load up, after the cloning to a SSD failed...


The internet at it´s finest...



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@Vice86 @Betinho


Ford probably doesn't want to waste that much money to play with some i****s. 😆


buy a rx550 and a 165HZ Screen, install it on a pirated WinXP with Freesync and then, defrag the old HDD´s while waiting for ET to load up, after the cloning to a SSD failed...

 hahaha 😆


He wanted to know more. But because of me he found out what he did not want - that is, he has to install the system. 😆


Internet at its best. And even better if you live next to the server room. 😆

(joke. in front of the server room it won't be better)

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6 hours ago, FILIPE said:

@Ford (Cz)


Now the question is what will you play. There is a big difference between 32bit and 64bit systems. If only in ET, I recommend the Win10 32bit system (you will not be able to play new games on 32bit). And if you are tempted by new games, you must have Win10 64bit.


Cloning is more difficult. Even I do not remember what was done there, because I do not need such things. 😜



ALWAYS install a 64bit system.

32 Bit has major limitations regarding memory etc that 64 doesn't, besides which 64bit can do both 32 and 64bit processing etc so why even bother with a 32bit OS if your using the tech of today (or even 10 years ago tbh), go for 64 and have the best of both worlds without the need to fix issues.


Also i totally agree with Vice regarding a clean install, however should you want to clone your OS drive i use a program called AOMEI Backupper which takes about 5-10 min to clone an active OS to another drive as well as making that new drive as bootable as the original. Something goes wrong with the main OS drive you can simply boot from the backup one etc. Works well for me.


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@Tabaki99@Ford (Cz)


So yes: Windows 10 Home 64 bit (because 32 bit only supports up to 4 GB) supports up to 128 GB of memory. In turn, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit, Win 10 Education 64 bit (for schools and educational institutions) support up to 2 TB of RAM.


If you play ET only then there is no need to install 64bit. Well, I only have Windows 10 64bit for the google drive. 🤔 If Ford chooses 32bit, it will probably have to search on its own.

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Ok, thanks all. I'm not gamer, just not my kind of thing I guess so I'll pass on that graphic cards :)  I tried to avoid that clean install for simple reason. "lack of time" + my system of storing files etc. Just not using File Explorer (Total Commander all the time) so I have files saved in like million of dirs everywhere around. All that searching for one thousand of my backup dirs for this and that. That's the reason why I was thinking about cloning. So I might use clean install and then slowly get all files from old disk. Also when using CrystalDiskInfo it shows "uncorrectable sector count" + "current pending sector count" so next reason why "I should" move a bit fast without waiting for more funds for new PC as once available I would spend it on my "perfume fetish"  😕  Just a last question, for me as a "normal" user (not transferring TBs of data etc), is there any huge difference between those "PCI" slot SSD and those which I mount as an internal HDD (box thingy) or is it just used slot which I'm going to see? 

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