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ET Fun #1 Ingame Screenshots

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11 hours ago, slovenac/kobajagi said:

Makes me spam spam spam lol

U can't spam.. some seriously sensitive people forced us to block spamming! Like i mean really.. not more then 3 or 4 vsays per min! That's NOT enough!!!!

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You can count on me to hold you every time. 

Quick, gather around boys and girls. Class is about to begin.   Today's lesson: how to kill flamma.  

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got a good chuckle on that last one daredevil. thats funny. 


all those snipers.....lol and then bam heres some spam an eggs!

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On 3/27/2020 at 10:25 AM, White Raven said:





hahaha the door reminds of back in the day on oasis. When the allies were planting dynomite on the city wall you could walk up against the wall and clip your gun barrel through the wall and shoot on the other side haha. Was great with a flamethrower

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looks like snipers having some nice party in their sniper nest lol



stop drinking on duty please! :D

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