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ET Jay #1 Bots on Jay1

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Making a post in hopes to get the level of bots reduced when there is a good amount of players on the server.


As of right now i believe bots start to connect when it is 12v12(?) on jay1, i realize that this is probably to keep players on the server because it is a high population server but with the way the bots mess up teams now (connecting glitch) i feel it causes more issues than it solves. Ask any admin/regular that plays on jay1 when people start to log off for the day and they'll tell you that it is an often occurrence to have teams be unfair, and players without the !putteam command cannot correct them because this connecting glitch will fill up the team with useless bots.


In my opinion a game that is 12v12 still has plenty of players to satisfy even jay1's high intensity. I think that bots being introduced when teams have fallen to 7v7 or 8v8 would cause a lot less team balancing issue, as well as prevent spawns from being cluttered (another thing that a high number of bots can cause).


I know this issue was just addressed in a similar thread for jay2 where i saw a lot of responses saying that keeping these bots on jay2 is good, because it is often less populated and is a place where less skilled players can go to work on their aim but i feel like the case with jay1 is different for the reasons above. Another obvious solution to this would be to fix the connecting glitch with the bots, but as someone who has no experience running a server idk if that is possible.

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If you have to have bots then can you make it so they dont get stuck reconnecting at start of maps it makes the teams so uneven right at the worst time

and maybe consider a small reduction in bots
this is always going to be a popular server it dosnt really need 24 bots
they are so fkin annoying getting in the way 18 or 20 bots is still plenty for people to shoot when no one is on


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I think the main reason for (the high number of) bots on Jay#1 is to show a decent number of players in the (ET Internal) Server List. This makes it look not empty.

To satisfy the OP's request and the idea from FA, a solution to it could be to let them connect but stay in SPEC.


P.S.: I feel the argument, high number of bots in spawn is annoying. I'm already annoyed by players too slow to move out of the spawn sometimes 😄



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Right now on Beginners #1 match going on 7 vs. 8 not a single bot on server

At the same time on Jay1 its 9 vs. 9 and each team has 3 or 4 bots






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