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ET Bot modification request

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I wonder if it s possible to lock bot to another class than soldats and fo ?

Soldat cause even if we are 2v2 they get flammer (sometime 2 heavy )

and FO cause as the AS or FFE is aviable , thay throw it (most of time elsewhere is the obj/or important spot) that cause a large difficulty to play as FO for most human player.

I suppose that we can find this limitation in the config script of the bots (i hope the script /cfg is not difficult to find/ configure) .



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Thanks for the suggestion.


I am happy the way bots are atm, ppl now need to bit of a "compete" with them for their preferred weapons. That fops for bots is just fantastic for that purpose.

Imo too many heavy weapons spamming makes the game annoying, so bots help here abit by "stealing" their 5 seconds of fame for multikill :D


It is ment as a fun server after all :)

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