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Announcement: War Thunder - How to join/apply for Fearless Assassins =F|A= Community Posted by daredevil



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How to Join/Apply for Fearless Assassins:


Applicants must be fluent in English.
Applicants must remain active in forums.
Applicants must post in the Introduce yourself topic.


Please post your information in the separate thread. And DO NOT SPAM the application threads.


Don't forget to say hi here with explanation of yourself: Introduce Yourself


Thank you.


Ingame Name (Origin):
How often do you play:
Referral (Which member referred you):
Do you use TS3 ( Yes / No (If not why not?)):
Your expertise ( Coding, Web designing, Photoshop, etc):
Do you have VIP membership:
Have you donated:
Will you be able to help in recruiting?:
What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us:


Tell us about yourself:


If you use teamspeak on regular basis you have better chance since all members can talk to you in real time.


If you don't have Discord download it from here. Discord is required to stay in contact with other community members.