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golddays V4

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About This File


Basic Information



Author : die die

Email address : rasmuss99 at yahoo.com




Map Information



Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Title : golddays

Filename : golddays_v4.pk3

Release date

v2 : 2006-01-04

v3 : 2006-15-02

v4 : 2006-09-11


Program : Gtkradiant 1.4


Build time : about 1 week,another week for the final

Compile time : 25 min with the built in compiler, 8 min for v3 with the newest q3map2

: full compile on v3 1 hour 30 mins

: full compile on v4 40 mins



Compile machine : AMD 64 xp3200, 1500mb ram,x800 gto


compile machine v4: amd 64 x2 xp4400 4 gig ram x800 gto


Installation : Place the golddays_v4.pk3 to your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or

bring down the console and type: map golddays_v4








#. Version BETA 1 info:

my first map is done, well the beta is done.

BETA 1, is as ready as i can do it right now, so i am looking for bugs, misses and gameplay issues in this release.

Please report any bugs or if you have ideas on how to improve the map to rasmuss99@yahoo.com


#. Version B2-B3 info:

too long ago to remeber:P


#. Version v1 info:

finaly got back into mapping and spent a week fixing my first map, so i can get on with more maps:)

might release V2 of this map if its needed


#. Version v2 info:

after a hasty release of v1 and to little sleep..i found out i had some texture problems:(


#. Version v3 info:

loads of small bugfixes,doors open both ways now.the tunnel has been fixed..it looks less impressive,

but its better on the fps.secret weapon removed,


#. Version v4 info:

fixed the mine issue




#. Objectives

: Get/Defend the gold.

: Build/Destroy the Commandpost.

: Dynamite/Defend the the door n ladder.

: Build/dynamite the second entrance to the house

: Build/destroy the sniper tower

: Build/destroy the the allied basement wall




Special thanks and Credits to:




Drakir for prefabs n some scripts

Bubba for prefabs

tbh Bloodwire for some scripts

everyone at the sd forum http://www.splashdamage.com/

sd for compost n misc texture and making this incredible game:D

everyone thats not a noob at arctic warfare server


anyone i`ve forgot

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