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Duel Site Final

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Duel Site final







// Mapname: Duel Site

// Released: Final Version, 19th January 2008.

// Map made by: {SSF}Sage

// Contact Sage @ ssf@netti.fi





Duel Site is a small valley, with 2 cottages and a destroyed concrete building between them.

The cottages are team spawnpoints. The map has been designed for duel

(1vs1) but it can be used just to fool around with even 3vs3.



Ideas behind the map:


To produce nice look with good atmosphere on good fps. You'll be the judge. :)

A little more practise on making a terrain by hand.

To give both teams no advantage, the reason why it's so symmetric.

Little map with a few trickjumps.. ;)

And the most important: to have fun.



Objective system is quite simple: kill the enemy..





Use the rocks, bushes and trees to hide your self. Rocks are good for cover.

Use the concrete building. It's a good place to go around the corners,

go in and shoot from there etc.





Rayban for the foliage models

]UBC[ McNite and Obsidian for shader help

SD for the game etc.


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