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COMMUNIQUE BETA 1 - mp_communique.pk3

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About This File

The new MP_Communique (beta 1) is converted from RtCW to ET and created by StoerFaktoR - MP_Communique heard on RTCW with the most famous and most played custom maps at all. In principle, the map is constructed as (MP/TC)_Base, but differs significantly from the original. Communique is a "better" base map and also ideal for TDM/DM.


The main features of the changes from base to Communique:


- A new short passage between radar 1 and 2

- Two spawn points on each side

- The roof of the axisspawn is now accessible

- A new way directly from axisspawn to radar 2 (compared to zone 3)

- Many, many new leaders and a few new doors

- A new way above the alliesspawn, from warehouse to stairwell

- Including waypoints and much more...


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