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[UJE] Christmas Tank 2 - UJE_christmas_tank_2010.pk3 Final

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About This File

The Allies are rolling into Christmas land and must escort a tank to the Axis Presents building and destroy all of the Axis presents. The Axis must stop the, to keep the Allied advance out of Christmas land.


Allied Objectives


Primary objectives:


1. Escort the Tank to the House.


2. Protect the Tank and escort it to the Axis Presents Building.


3. Break into the Presents Building.


4. Destroy the presents.


Secondary objectives:


1. Establish a Command Post inside the House


2. Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post


Axis Objectives


Primary Objectives:


1. Stop the Allies from reaching the House.


2. Disable the Allied Tank to prevent it reaching the Presents Building.


3. Prevent the Allies from breaking into the Presents Building.


4. Stop the Allies from destroying our presents.


Secondary Objectives:


1. Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post inside the House.


2. Set up a Command Post across from the Presents Building.



Special stuff


* 2 moving trucks

* 1 funny car that flies to objective

* A carnaval train

* some christmas sounds

* a giant carnaval wheel

* a Carousel