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2 Tanks (Racer) (1.7.1) - 2tanks_171.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: 2tanks_171pk3

Map name: 2 Tanks (Racer) (1.7.1)




Both teams have the same objective:

Get your tank to the Fuel Dump before the enemy gets his there


In this version there are no fuel cans to be delivered.


If the time limit expires the winning team is the one which has made the most

progress with their tank.


Game features The ambulance truck dispenses first aid when it stops by the rail track. Once a

tank starts moving the ambulance will return to the Fuel Dump and stay there. At this

time it becomes possible to build the tank barriers, which are located just outside

the Fuel Dump.


Don't enter the rooftop V-1 launch hangar, the residual fumes are poisonous.


If your team has at least one Command Post built, it enables fire support

from your tank: that is, your tank may fire at enemy troops in its path while

on the move. The tank will try to avoid inflicting casualties on friendly troops

but this cannot be guaranteed.


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