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flakcannon_b3.zip Beta 3 August 25, 2003

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About This File


# The forward shack will be a permanent Allied spawn once the main door is blown.

# The Command Post is linked to 2 spawns - One near the command post (where the truck is) and one at the south end of the map (near the axis entrence to the ammo supply)


# Axis:

# Once the main door is blown by the Allies you will have 2 spawns.

# One near the Pak Cannon (outside infront of one of the entrences to the ammo supply) and one in the middle of the map (south section)


# I strongly urge you to check the command post and look where the spwn points are located.


Northern Germany, 1943.

The Axis have created a prototype Ammo that will be devastating to the Allied forces

if used by their Pak Cannon.

The Allies need to destroy the Ammo and the Pak Cannon to prevent the Axis from using it.

What's New in Version Beta 3 August 25, 2003


  • The "final" version of this map is called Nachteinbruch.zip but need a 4k patch file I havent been able to find.
  • The B3 version is very playable!
  • Waster