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ET Village (final) - et_village.pk3

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About This File

Dowload pk3 name : et_village.pk3

Map name : et_village.bsp


This is the mp_village map from rtcw converted to ET.


Allied forces are attempting to retrieve and escape with gold stolen from the Axis-occupied village.


Allied objectives:


Gain access to the Gold inside the Cemetary's Crypt and escape with the Gold to the waiting Truck in the Village.


Axis objectives:


Defend the Gold within the Cemetary's Crypt and stop the Allies from escaping to the waiting Truck in the Village.


Additional information:


- There is a capturable spawn in the Northwest Courtyard which moves Allies to a closer position to objective.

- As there are only two ways to objective (back way, through Axis spawn or two holes out of Cellar building), when the server is nearly full it is very hard for Allies to reach objective.

- Small map, good for 10 vs 10.