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Lelac (Beta 4) - le_lac.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: le_lac.pk3

Map name: le_lac.bsp





Allies need to steal the Axis boat first. Then escort the explosives to reach the prototype missile, then plant dynamite to blow it all up!




description Allied "Allies need to steal The Axis Ship then escort it to the Port Station with The Explosives. Allies Need to reach The Prototype Missile whit The Explosives then hold the countdown for 3 min before explosion."




// Axis Objective Descriptions

1 "Primary Objective:**Dont let Allies stealing and escorting the Big Boat to the Port Station. Destroy it!."

2 "Primary Objective:**Dont let Allies loading the 4 explosives drop by the Plane on the Lighthouse Port to the Big Boat."

3 "Primary Objective:**Dont let Allies stealing the Gaz Tank then reaching the Canal Boat to the Port Station."

4 "Primary Objective:**Dont let Allies escorting the Canal Boat to the Beach. Destroy the Canal Boat to make Allies restart the Canal Boat run."

5 "Primary Objective:**Dont let Allies planting the 4 Explosives to the Secret Launcher Missiles.."

6 "Primary Objective:**Dont let Allies activating The Explosives then destroyed The Secret Launcher Missiles.."

7 "Secondary Objective:**Build and use the Anti-Boat Gun to destroy the Big Boat."

8 "Secondary Objective:**Dont let Allies desroying the Backdoor and Sidedoor.You can rebuild it!!"


// Allied Objective Descriptions

1 "Primary Objective:**Steal and Escort the Big Boat to the Port Station."

2 "Primary Objective:**Load the 4 explosives drop by the Plane on to the Big Boat."

3 "Primary Objective:**Steal the Gaz Tank to start to build the Canal Boat on the Port Station."

4 "Primary Objective:**Contruct the Canal Boat. Escort and Protect the Canal Boat to the Beach!"

5 "Primary Objective:**Escort the 4 Explosives to the base of the Secret Launcher Missiles ."

6 "Primary Objective:**Activated The Explosives whit a small dyno to destroyed The Secret Launcher Missiles and finish your mission."

7 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Anti-Boat Gun.(you can use the rocket missile in the Copter)"

8 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the BackDoor or Sidedoor side to open the Side Way to the Secret Launcher Missiles."





**Map Info

Title: Le Lac

Filename: le_lac.bsp

Game/mod: ET - wolfmp/wolfsw/wolflms

Author: masterkiller





**Build Info

Editor(s) Used:

Wolf Radiant1.4 and 1.5,


MilkShape 3D 1.8.4,



ET_Model_Tool_v140 (5*)



Build time: 4 months.

Pause time: more 8 months.

Compile time: about 1 hour






Extract le_lac.pk3 into your (wolfet)etmain directory.

Host a game whit le_lac map or le_lac_campaign

You can launch the game by tipping this command on the console game. map le_lac