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Phishermans Skinz (Final) - z_uncut_skinz_nq.pk3 - z_uncut_skinz_other_mods_caps.pk3 - z_uncut_skinz_other_mods_helmets.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name 1: z_uncut_skinz_nq.pk3

Download pk3 name 2: z_uncut_skinz_other_mods_caps.pk3

Download pk3 name 3: z_uncut_skinz_other_mods_helmets.pk3


Skin name 1: z_uncut_skinz_nq.bsp

Skin name 2: z_uncut_skinz_other_mods_caps.bsp

Skin name 3: z_uncut_skinz_other_mods_helmets.bsp





This skin pack made by Phisherman is available in three versions. One for No Quarter, two other with different hats for all other mods.



Phisherman's Uncut Skinz




-Axis & Allies Skinpack

-VoiceChat Icons made by nUllSkillZ

-FireTeamChat-Features in normal VoiceChat

-Different SmokeGrenades & AirstrikeCans

-Blood stays on the ground the whole map



-Version for NoQuarter ( Level1-8 --> Helmets, Level9 --> Caps ; uncut_skinz_nq.pk3 )

-Version for Other Mods ( all Levels --> Helmets ; uncut_skinz_other_mods_helmets.pk3 )

-Version for Other Mods ( all Levels --> Caps ; uncut_skinz_other_mods_caps.pk3 )


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