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Oil Raid (by Icarion) - oilraid_b1.pk3 BETA 1

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About This File

Download PK3 Name: oilraid_b1.pk3

Map Name: oilraid_b1.bsp



Control over the city of Al Dawda means control over the oil in the region. The Axis are defending the city against the Allied raiders.


Objectives Allies:

* Escort the tank to the main entrance

* Construct the command post

* Dynamite the depot gate OR run the train into it

* Construct the ramp for side access

* Get the fuze and take it to the detonator

* Activate the detonator with an engineer


Objectives Axis:

* Construct the tank barrier and delay the tank

* Construct the command post

* Defend the depot gate

* Defend the fuze

* Defend the detonator


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