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POW Escape - et_powescape_b2.pk3 BETA 2

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About This File

Download PK3 Name: et_powescape_b2.pk3

Map Name: et_powescape_b2.bsp




Are you looking for a fun map to play with your friends, but still want the challenge to be there? Then this is definately the download for you! Not only do you have to complete the two main objectives (or stop them from being completed, depending on which team you're playing as) but these are randomly placed...which means, you cannot spawn, and make a bee line for the objective's location...you have to try to stay alive and search for them! If you think this offsets the balance in the game, don't despair, as the showers and taps will not just clean your hands and face, they will also give you health when turned on.


There are some important features in this map to keep in mind:


Random Objective Placement

The two main objectives, Secret Documents and Soldier activation key, are placed randomly at the beginning of the match. To provide for more varied gameplay each match.


Faucets give health

All taps and showers in the map when turned on can give out health.


Water supply pump destructible

Either Axis or ally team can destroy the water pump with TNT located at the south-east of the camp. All taps in the facility will then not function for the remainder of the match.


Alternate route out of the camp

The General's car can be driven down the hill and crashed through the fence, providing an alternate route out. But you must find the key and start it up first.


Each team has primary and seconday objectives, I think this adds to the challenge of the map, and if you're looking to have fun with the potential of some serious frag fests...then keep this in mind: the more, the merrier! The full potential of this map will be enjoyed if you have more rather then less players in the server.


Some of your objectives are:



1. Steal the top secret axis documents from the reearch facility

2. Take the documents south to the train and escape with as many pow's as you can



1. Capture and hold the North supply room to aid escape

2. Capture and hold the Train station area to aid escape




1. Prevent Allies stealing the top secret documents from the research facility

2. Prevent Allies from escaping on the train with the documents



1. Capture and hold the North supply room

2. Capture and hold the Train station area