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POW Camp - powcamp_b5.pk3 BETA 5

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About This File

Download PK3 Name: powcamp_b5.pk3

Map Name: powcamp_b5.bsp




The Allies have analyzed aerial recon photos and discovered the location of a notorious POW camp. A small Allied force is given the task of breaking into the camp to destroy it and liberate the prisoners from their captors.





1: Fix and advance the tank to destroy the garison wall.

2: Build the Sola River bridge to move the tank across the river.

3: Steal the Main Camp Gate Key from the Commandant quarters

4: Take the key to the control tower to access the main POW camp.

5: Blow up the Execution Wall to gain access to the crematorium/Gas Chamber

6: Take the artillery shell from the gas chamber.

7: Throw the artillery shell into the oven to blow up the crematorium.



A: Build the command post

B: Capture the forward spawn flag in the main POW Camp.

C: Build the assault ramp to have another way into the camp.

D: Disable or destroy the gas controls

E: Build the scaffold for another way into the crematorium

F: Dyno the invasion barrier to have another path into crematorium



1: Prevent the Allies from escorting the Tank to the garrison wall.

2: Prevent the Sola river bridge from being built.

3: Protect the gate key from being stolen

4: Don not allow Allies to take the key to the control tower.

5: Protect the execution wall from being demolished.

6: Protect the artillery shell from being stolen.

7: Prevent allies from transporting the artillery shell to the crematorium oven.



A: Build the command post

B: Capture the forward spawn flag in the main POW Camp.

C: Do not allow Allies to build the assault ramp.

D: Build and maintain the gas controls

E: Prevent the allies from building the scaffold

F: Build and protect the invasion barrier to force allies south


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