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Download Haruhi Suzumiya CFG

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I managed to FUBAR my last upload when I tried to update it. Don't ask, I don't know what I did. Here's a new one.


Windows 7
Sabertooth x58
i7 950
8gb ram


1920 x 1080 @ 120hz


Screen is pretty bright by default and I've messed with every setting possible in the VGA drivers and the monitor itself, so if it plays differently for you then that sucks. I like my digital vibrance.


Zowie FK1
hz I can't remember. Probably 500/1000
MarkC Accel fix
6/11 windows
Steel Series QCK Heavy
Takes about 22cm of movement to spin a 180.


I left out the binds/scripts because they'll only screw you up. I don't even know what most of the keyboard buttons do and use the console for everything from changing crosshair settings to team chat. The only active script I use is for sniping. I'll just leave that here.


bind MWHEELDOWN "vstr snpr"
set snpr "vstr sON"
set sON "com_maxfps 71; bind mouse2 weapalt; echo ^wSniper ^2ONNNNN; set snpr vstr sOFF"
set sOFF "com_maxfps 125; bind mouse2 +movedown; echo ^wSniper ^qOFFFFF; set snpr vstr sON"



To use:


/exec Suzumiya.cfg
/exec Window.cfg (Windowed version I use when I'm in spec or in and out of game)
/exec Full.cfg (Changes back to full screen)


If you decide to give this cfg a try then I hope you like it. It's not a "dark but players stand out" type of cfg that only works on 4 or 5 scrim maps but one that works great on all of them. I gave it to Pipel and he said it improved his accuracy by 100%, so you know it's legit.


Contact me here or steam (it's in profile) if you have any questions or just need a friend. If you find me in game I'm likely to ignore you unless I'm both in spec and in a fantastic mood.





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