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Desert Fortress Beta 2

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About This File

Map Type: OBJ
Map Size: Medium
Map Theme: Not Set


(the readme file)


Creator: Lennyballa
Contact: Lennyballa@hotmail.com


Map info:




You have to destroy the 75mm ammonution storage, located in the
Allied Base, at the top left tower. Before you can enter the base,
you have to blow up some walls:


The West Wall
The Side gate
The Main gate
The wooden gate


Both main gate and wooden gate are constructable, so make sure you
blow up the other walls first.




Your objective is to destroy the communication system of the Axis,
wich is located in the center tower of the base. Entering it won't
be easy, since you have to blow up:


The Main Gate
The Sewer entrance
The Side wall
The garage door


Good luck soldier


How to install:


Place the .pk3 file in your /etmain directory. Example: C:/games/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain.
Don't create other folders.


Fixed in 0.2:


-Added extra spawnpoints
-Added some extra mg at bunkers
-Fixed wall jump bug
-New command map
-Selectable spawns
-Custom image
-New thumbnail
-Added a garage with ammo/health cabinets
-Fixed the fan (Its now rotating ;) )
-Added some lights and plants
-Redone the Axis base a little bit
-More optimazed fps