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mitchelldown - mitchelldown.pk3

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Download pk3 name : mitchelldown.pk3

Map name : mitchelldown



Mitchell Down


The Allied bomber 'Mitchell' has been shot down on route to Berlin causing the Uranium bomb 'Little Boy' to fall into the hands of the Axis! The Allies are attempting to steal back the bomb before Axis reinforcements can arrive to secure it.





Stealing Little Boy

The Uranium bomb 'Little Boy' has been recovered from the wreckage of Mitchell and is being held inside the Axis tank factory. The Allies must steal the bomb and take it to the waiting truck. The Axis must prevent the bomb from being stolen.


Capturing Little Boy

Once extracted from the tank factory, the Little Boy bomb must be taken by the Allies to the escape truck waiting by the hotel. The Axis must intercept the Allies objective carrier before they can reach the escape truck.


South Tank Factory Door

The entrance to the South end of the tank factory is blocked by a secure metal door. The Allied teams engineers can destroy the door with dynamite.


North Tank Factory Door

The entrance to the North end of the tank factory is blocked by a secure metal door. The Allied teams engineers can destroy the door with dynamite.


Allied Team Command Post

The Allied can establish a command post in the Southwest courtyard.


Axis Team Command Post

The Axis can establish a command post on the second floor of the Axis base.


Sewer Grate

The sewer system that runs underneath the tank factory can be very useful for the attacking Allies. The tunnel that empties out into the river is blocked by a metal grate that must be destroyed with dynamite.


Gate Flag

The flag atop the Axis gate can be captured by either team. If the Axis team controls the flag, they will be able to spawn closer to the tank factory. If the flag is captured by the Allies, the Axis will loose their ability to spawn at the gate, and will have 10 seconds added to their respawn clock. The Axis can recapture the flag to remove the additional clock time.


Church Machine Gun

The construction crates near the West wall of the church contain parts that can be assembled into a machine gun nest by an Allied engineer.


Master Lock Control

Inside the Axis base is a control panel that locks and unlocks the Axis-Only team door that leads into the tank factory. A sneaky Allied player can unlock the team door allowing any player to open it.


Church Health and Ammo

There are health and ammo cabinets inside the church.


Boiler Room Health and Ammo

There are health and ammo cabinets inside the boiler room.

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