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Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you and your family!  - Fearless Assassins Team!

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  2. Welcome! Glad you decided to drop in. I'm also an unreal tournament player from way back in the day I played UT2k3 and was religiously a regular gravity, instagib, ctf player XD See you on HC!
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  4. I started laughing when I saw how tall that the shipping box was. When he pulled out the case from inside the shipping box, my first thought was that he had received a shipment intended for an illegal weapons importer! 8.85 kg = 19.51 lbs Comment by a viewer: iYigitC 1 month ago 1 Dollar = 5.32 Turk Liraas 9000 Dollar = 404 Not Found error
  5. I love ET Frag movies. I love seeing the old names of people I used to get crushed by. Some of them were friends, clan mates, and regulars of pub servers I played on. Sorry, just an old man looking back at better days.....
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  7. Larysa

    3 word story

    for the balance
  8. catalyst try to turn this off.. been long time sense i delt with it but i remember i had too mess with this to get et to not fps lag! also is multi threading on in ur video onptions if so turn that off.. et wont utilize it
  9. Again Pats on SB? *yawn* hope all the best for Rams, Gurley will crush that defense.
  10. Started with brutal action, as expected. Good way to let some steam off. It balances well on building up some sympathy but not going too cheesy, imho. The main point of the season is?
  11. Yeah I remember the lazer guns in EAO, was fun to mess around.
  12. Was timed perfectly for me too. Started walking to bus station, moon was about 15% covered, arrived to bus station it was on 75%. All snowy and snow glistening on moon light. Too bad it went cloudy or the moon was black, didn´t see the full eclipse later on...
  13. blAuss

    Etpro fps drop

    yes i tried other mods and there were drops in those mods aswell
  14. blAuss

    Etpro fps drop

    i was getting stable 125... now on this pc i have 125 jumping to 40 and back to 125. it feels like playin with 500 ping although my ping is stable 48. same problem when replaying demo its jumping up and down from 125 to 40 and back up. bls.cfg
  15. Hulk

    3 word story

    in my pinkytoe
  16. Schmerzen

    Etpro fps drop

    My not very useful 2 cents: 1/ ET has problems with ATI video cards, I don't know why. I've seen problems with even the latest cards. I can't provide a solution since I've ditched my ATI card for a good while now. 2/ In my personal case, using an Intel video card, ETPro lags and FPS are unstable, but jaymod, silent or any other mod has smooth stable FPS for me. So weird. Does your fps drop in any mod other than etpro? Cheers!
  17. Hello and welcome to the forums
  18. well, that is nice news !! congrats Dixie
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