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  2. so far not looking bad , lets all yell for a beta release 0,o XD
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  4. Blo0dy

    3 word story

    Being very high
  5. Hope ya'll are doing well. I recently picked up the brush and made an impressive sunset painting for a friend's birthday. Creating art is the best hobby! ❤️:)

    1. Xernicus


      Doing great thanks! ^_^ How've you been? Never knew you were an artist! Hope you post a pic of your painting!

  6. Win10 v1903 is looking to be gold. Will update in a week with some detail. Had a few minor issues- but runs a heck of a lot better than 1809.

  7. Hulk

    3 word story

    played on gongs
  8. I d/l'd the OBS Studio to use as a stand alone application. I haven't played with it yet, but I will this weekend
  9. Yesterday
  10. I get what your saying but been here before and got my hopes crushed. Said it before but for me personally ET has never been about eye candy, i really hope it is as close to the real thing "feel" wise, if that makes sense. Time will tell i suppose but i do get the feeling that its likely going to be years before we get to play etc.
  11. Crazyshot

    3 word story

    Limp Bizkit albums
  12. 2bn2b

    3 word story

    hot dog starfish
  13. Hulk

    3 word story

    failure to communicate
  14. Could say My Hero Academia , definitely Hunter x Hunter, prolly one of the best to get hooked in, also Fate/Zero has been amazing to watch.
  15. Aniky

    The time for ET 2

    The idea behind is to make it as close and realistic to this ET as possible, thats why u see so many similiarities between the two, which will make core of the ET player base like it and play it, along side new wave of players testing it out.
  16. Vindstot

    3 word story

    because a shortage
  17. Mad Doc

    3 word story

    and omelette abundance
  18. Reminds me of - If plan A, B or C fails, we are have plans till Z
  19. And a third part.

  20. Here is second part.

  21. creating a shortcut of et.exe and editing the properties "target" will override any config settings and don't have to edit any configs or change files in WolfET folder add this to the end of the shortcut target and change the width and height of your display monitor +r_customwidth "1366" +r_customheight "768" +set r_mode "-1" +vid_restart should look like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +r_customwidth "1366" +r_customheight "768" +set r_mode "-1" +vid_restart but really its more or less a directx issue because the image supplied from first post is a error of a clean install r_mode is set to 3 with resolution 800x600 it should open at that range the pixel format was unreadable doesn't say anything about resolution or error outside of 3dfx not working this game can run on integrated graphics if the driver for the graphics card like Ati is unsupported for the pixel format just disable the driver in device manager you will still get the pass through on graphics
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