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  3. It won't be because you need more than 6v6. We don't always see more than that.
  4. I thought so, I just couldn't find it. Feel like there was another app. Seen it mentioned somewhere in another post but can't find it now.
  5. I went looking for that Tesla pic on their site, but they have a different display now. The new 'banner-type' display has added the Roadster. I was excited by the features of the Roadster until I got to the price: $200,000 'base price'!
  6. ...ah! ... the notification of your reply here made me realize what the "local winemaker" in the topic title was all about. Do Aussies believe that their Koala Bears are drunkards and that that Koala was enticed by the odors in that car? er...maybe their Koalas are "connoisseurs" and not "drink anything" kind of imbibers?
  7. Hulk

    3 word story

    for special occasions
  8. I cannot wait for this movie... Last 2 were sooooo goood
  9. Looks more badass than the previous movie. Can't wait.
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  11. August 2019 in cinema with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Luke Perry and Margot Robbie
  12. May 2019 in cinema with Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane and Asia Kate Dillon
  13. So has anyone figured out who this person is yet?
  14. Letdown I'm coming for u son if the other 2 maps aren't popular I'm coming for them. And And letdown it's a lovely panzer map
  15. If no one votes then small rotation kicks in for that map. Sorry for late reply. I just noticed, I missed this topic. Server - Anyone voting? Players - Nah Server - Ok, loading next map in line based on small rotation. Server has no idea which map to load for next map. So it first checks players votes. If not goes back to default rotation.
  16. Resolution is pretty simple. Load your config through command line and in that put your desired config. If you need help with that please let me know.
  17. +1 for that. I suffer from heights, but ok for that map https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/888-et-tower-b27j/ If it's not popular, we will blame @HOTSPUR
  18. Vindstot


    I started applying to an internship online, and soon be ready with it. It looks good for me, I wanted to find this kind of internship Besides that Im doing great, and also busy with other Uni stuff >.< That Banshee looks great, I envy you
  19. I just came accross this, but I love great ads At Uni our marketing prof showed us a load of good and bad ads I dont know Have you had such problem with koala?
  20. Vindstot

    3 word story

    worn by emperors
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