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  2. Massive catan fanatic. I also play a lot of the cardgame "klaverjassen", in tourneys usually. Puerto rico, Dominion, Game of Thrones, and Trivial Pursuit are also pretty neat. If we are talking about ganes that are fun rather than strategic I have been collecting Munchkin sets for a while. We also play a lot of Secret Hitler, Exploding kittens, and Saboteur I have Agricola, Alhambra, and Lords of Waterdeep lying around but havent gotten around to learn them
  3. Would be cool to see what games everyone has lying around. This is what I got (don't play half of these games actively anymore):
  4. Just played a game against Rolan (10+0). Was a pretty good game. I made the first mistake quite early in the game and from there I was pretty much struggling to maintain a good position. I moved my knight to g4. Rolan moved his Queen to check my king forking my knight at the same time. Had to push up my pawn to block but I couldn't save the knight. (Bye bye horsey). Somehow I managed to keep up with the game even though the win was heavily in Rolan's favour. I moved my queen to d5 to attack the pawn on F7. Luckily, I was also attacking his bishop on C5 which was unprotected so i could easily predict some of the moves he had to make to get that bishop out of danger. He moved his bishop next to his king, attacking my bishop. I quite liked the positioning of my bishop restricting the kings movements so instead I moved my knight to G5, attacking the pawn on F7 as well as opening up an attack by the rook on the queen on F6. Therefore, it was clear he had to move his queen or block my attack. Rolan's mistake was that he moved the Queen opening up a line of attack on F7 where i can check him and pressure him into the corner. From there it was a pretty easily won game. Rolan should've used his bishop to block my attack on his Queen instead. My queen took the bishop on F8, checking his king. He has no choice but to take the queen with his queen. I then take his queen using my rook resulting in checkmate. Was a solid game Rolan. GG.
  5. this was a game against AbdelrahmaneAr. he played Bd5, i made here a mistake to play c6 -.- he can attack my queen see picture: but he was maybe surprised or did not saw it and played Bxb4. the game was lost for me after Bxf6... but i fought back in the game and my opponent made a crucial mistake here and lost his advantage against me: he played pawn f6 after my move Rf6. was a bad mistake, now i can attack the king to play Qe3 than attack with bishop to xg4 and pawn to h3 and the king is under attack, he can do only this move: Qb2, others moves are lost. he can do only this move: Qb2 or the game is lost. because my rook of f6 can be involved to the attack of the king by Rxf3 and check the king. he can only do Bxf3 but i can do this: Qxf3 and check the king, he had just one move and its was a draw, king to G1, was a good move and a good defend move. now i cant attack the king because if i do Qg2 or Qd8 the king can to h1 or h2, and king is defended by the white queen at Qb2 line. but the opponent played Qf7, and this move was terrible and its lost the game. because, i can now do Qd8, he have to do Qe8 and than Qxe8 than the king must do xe8 and i can play my pawn to h2 and h1 and promoot a new queen, see picture. black have a good position now, but white can still attack my position by two rocks. but my king is defended by the pawn of f7 and my rock at b8 defend the backline of the king aswell. several moves later i won the game, because the pawn of g5 can be promoted to a queen as well, when i do queen hits white pawn at g4, he have no defend on this pawn, and he lost te game later in 8 moves, to resign the game. its was a amazing game with a big mistake by me and some mistakes by my opponent.
  6. I wanna make a chess topics about the games i played. Today i will post a game what i played yesterday. The game will come soon today.
  7. I pkay chess, draughts and risk, sometimes backgammon
  8. Great list, Cheep! My list of board games is almost the same, with these additions: 1. Risk 2. Carcasonne 3. Backgammon 4. Mahjong 5. Dominoes
  9. Hey Guys, Board games are an awesome way to pass the time. With technology now, phones, computers, consoles and of course everyday activities nowadays, board games has and is becoming something less played by people of all ages. Shame really, i loved them growing up and im sure many kids who prefer to use their IPad or SmartPhone instead are missing out big time. For the first topic in this club, I'd like all board game nerds to list all the games they've played (if they can remember them), their all time favourites and if you can, a little explanation on what the game is about and how to play it if its a not so popular or familiar game. I'll go first (I'm including games I played as a child) 1. Snakes & Ladders 2. Frustration 3. Go (Involving those black and white circular pieces) 4. Draughts (Checkers) 5. Chess 6. Monopoly 7. Scrabble 8. Cluedo 9. Battleships 10. Connect Four 11. Operation 12. Chinese Checkers 13. Guess Who? 14. Stratego Theres probably more but thats all i can remember off the top off my head. Yes, I loved board games growing up but I definitely had favourites. Out of the list above, my top 5 would be: 1. Chess 2. Scrabble 3. Monopoly 4. Stratego 5. Cluedo Unfortunately, I sort of drifted away from board games except at family reunions where we'd play the occasional game of Cluedo to get rid of the awkwardness if it involved relatives you barely know. Ever have those moments where someone out of the blue comes to give you a hug and you have no clue who they are but they know everything about you since the age of 2?...yeah awkward hugs are...awkward. Anyway thanks to a few members here who got me back into playing chess, we decided to start a Board game club in hopes that we'd spark or "re-spark" the interest in Board games. Its worth a try. Good ol' strategy games to get the brain thinking. Alright, lets get this thread started. Who's next?
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