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  1. What's new in this club
  2. So after talking with Cheepheep it seems the best thing to do is to leave the sign ups for a week longer. A 4 person tournament seems kinda pointless, we could just play amongst ourselves via Discord and add eachother on Lichess. I've asked a few people to join but no luck. If there's still no interest from anyone other than us four, I'll just scrap it.. we could always try again at a later date. @Mordecai @Rolan001 @CheepHeep just letting you guys know. (I meant to make this post yesterday but it slipped my mind .) Anyway, myself and Cheep are usually up for playing some chess, t
  3. I'll leave that to one of you guys, this kind of stuff really isn't my thing .
  4. ask shana on discord @ElEl and daredevil for the forum
  5. @ElEl perhaps you could ask someone to add it in the news text channel on discord.
  6. Go for it Rolan. By the way, does anyone have any ideas for advertising it? I'll ask a few people that I think may be interested but I'm really not that good at spreading the word for anything really so I'll have to rely on you guys to do that
  7. i want make a chess topic about the played games of the players (interested games) of the tournament. i wanna try to make 2 of 3 games analyses pro round.
  8. Okay with the help of Destiny I found the issues with what I originally proposed. Looks like the best way to do this is with a Swiss tournament. I just can't figure out how assign colours fairly. Here Player E would get white 4 times in a row and Player D would get black 4 times in a row if the player on top would get white. I'm hoping this is just because of the seed and this won't happen regularly if future tournaments are made with Swiss. I'm planning on making the sign up page in a couple hours. I'll close it on Saturday and that'll give me Sunday to sort
  9. Results can stlill be posted here but if El believes he can do the same thing free of charge, why would we ask someone to spend more money unnecessarily? ^^If this is what you were talking about.
  10. @ElElits better to make results here on forum. than everyone know who you played against and wich one still must play
  11. sorry guys, i had bad internet last 3 days, but i will spread words too!! @ElEl
  12. Yep, that is what I mean, like ETPRO 1v1 tournament, but dunno if others are fine, bc I have seen chess tournament here run by round robin.
  13. Sorry I was asleep and I just saw all of these replies. I don't think it's necessary, Challonge does everything this addon does and I've used it many times before with other groups. All I need to do is provide a list of users and it handles the rest. In fact, from reading the description of the types of tournaments, there's a limit on the amount of players that can enter, for single eliminations for example, there can only be 4, 8, 16 or 32 teams. It wouldn't work out if we had 6 people enter cause we'd need either 2 more or 2 less. I'd just feel bad asking you to spend $50 on some
  14. So whats the status on the addon which I linked? Can we use it effectively? Its 50$ addon and that's very costly ... so please check its detail description!
  15. I'm in of course. Bit busy as of now but will try my best to spread the word. ;)
  16. Those promo stuff is easy and can be done.. but at this point - first question is how to organize it so that we can achieve optimum and easy flow of tourney.
  17. Ty, but I meant about the Site Announcement stuff hehe. Anyways, thx for that information.
  18. Can this one help you guys? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9160-tournaments/
  19. I would like the tournament to be like the ETPRO 1v1 cup. Round Robin first in 4 or so groups, and the 2 best of each group pass to a double elimination stage. You know the settings that has winner and loser brackets. As for the takebacks, I say yes, we are mature enough to play fair I think xD Also, whenever you post the signups, make it Site Announcement, @daredevil could you help us here And atm, I will be searching for ppl in servers, dunno if we can make some announcements in server appear. ???
  20. Okay I said I'd host a chess tournament but I've been putting it off because I've never done something like this before and I need some feedback on how it should be done. Here's what I've got planned, please let me know if you find any problems with it OR tell me what you think would be a better way to set this whole thing up. Before I get into that though, let's talk about sign ups. I'll make a new topic dedicated to that similar to how the ETPro club handled the 1o1 tournament they held, mostly because I'm not expecting a lot of people to sign up and it's quicker than making a go
  21. Tabletop is a great idea! I haven't had the chance to try it yet (do own the game) but from what I hear you can play pretty much everything there. Would love to play some Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride with you guys
  22. where can i sign in @ElEl @CheepHeep
  23. on lichess you can play quick competition and knockout system. but poker is more difficult, because poker takes more time and rounds.. also everyone must be available/online for playing poker for some hours..

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