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The final time



After many hours of thought, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to step away as a member of this clan. There have been some personal things I've been dealing with that take precedence and the lack of time I have set aside for the clan isn't fair to the community as a whole. As of today I hereby retract my membership and wish you all happy gaming and further growth as a clan. 

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Real life first, take the time you need and come back when you can, we’ll be here.


unless you really want to quit?

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No need to leave! Take your time

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Yeah dude. You're a great dude. Do what you gotta do in real life and we'll be here when you find the time to come back again. No need to leave and no need to feel bad if you feel you haven't been doing as much as you could before for the clan, everyone goes through the same thing every now and again because thats life. Stay mate! ❤️

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