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You may not see many rants from me and I may not be the best writer despite english being my first language! Well Swedish kinda is too. I’m sure many of you have feelings regarding this so comment as you wish. Anywho, I just wanted to write something about a topic I hold dear to my heart, and that is selfishness.


I assume you all are familiar with the term. If not here’s a brief definition from dictionary.com: “devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc.” See the thing is, many times it goes unnoticed. We often times get caught in the cycle of work, home, maybe a gym visit, hobby, home, eat, game, sleep, whatever. We go about our day to day lives not realizing that we are being selfish. This is completely normal for every human. If we weren’t selfish we would be dead by now, extinct! This is the first rule for many EMS providers- Is the scene safe? Before caring for another individual they check if the scene is safe. They wait until it is. Then they move in and respond. Does this happen to you often in your daily lives? Is this how you respond to a stranger before conversing/reacting? What if you didn’t worry if the scene was safe; just make a move? Anyway now I’ve gotten off topic. Maybe I’m losing myself here. Maybe you can get some ideas from this. That it’s not selfish of you to do what you need to do, to save yourself from further harm, even if that means you have to avoid and leave some people. That it’s ok to be selfish. But maybe we're missing out on something greater.


I want to confess that I’ve been selfish. I’m going to avoid personal life and just focus on life online with FA. I was looking for an outlet, perhaps a separate world, from real world things. And thanks to the internet you can be in some way social. You can chat, voice chat, observe the virtual physical character of others, and last but not least get promoted. I fell back into the hands of ET after some years away and found FA. Recently I was accepted into the clan. This was due to work done not only but myself as well as many members that noticed me, encouraged me, and helped me. I couldn’t be more grateful. Perhaps things moved too fast! But I guess I deserved it. Nevertheless, I was joining, recruiting, and socializing out of my own selfishness. I wanted to be accepted. And there’s some excitement to getting accepted somewhere based of everything but looks. Now I’ve confused myself a little. Been drinking some wine. Surprised if you’ve lasted this far.


I haven’t been around FA long enough to truly grasp what is going on with who and where. All I can say is that it mimics the real world pretty well. You know why, because there are real people behind these users. People get sick, have accidents, vent their issues, ask for help, get mad, get crushes, make friendships. It really sucks to see people pulling some major troll business. Ultimate selfishness. You see, I don’t have any issues with people being selfish, but I do when their actions start affecting others. What about lack of action? Same thing there though because some major issues can occur if someone decides to back down and not stand up for what’s right. I’m glad to have joined a clan with similar tolerance levels. There seems to be a lot of good morals in the roots of this FAmily tree. There are a lot of unselfish people looking out for one another. And this is what keeps a community thriving.


We all have our selfish and unselfish moments. Notice them, work on them! Look out for your own safety. You are priceless! Help someone everyday. I’m still growing up. I have a lot to work on. I’m asking you to remember that there are lives behind each of us here. So please remember one another if you can, if you want to be a productive member of this community. Remember your recruits and recruiters. Reach out and keep contact with one another! I get it that sometimes we may think, “Keep up or get lost.”, but also keep in mind that we shouldn’t let one another fall behind or get unnoticed when there’s effort.


Well there’s my first blog. Hope it made sense and that you enjoyed some piece of it.
Neuro OUT.


"I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells." - Dr. Seuss

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Your aren't you when you are hungry. Here have a snickers... *hands you a bar of snickers* life is too short to spend it in sadness. Ignore the rain and enjoy the rainbows :D

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This FAmily is huge, it is easy to lose contact with parts of any large group. I agree with your sentiments and feel like this was well written.

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Didn't realize I'd read this before... Interesting because it's been in my thoughts lately. You've made some excellent observations here: you've brought to light a topic really worth thinking about; the dialectical opposition between humanitarianism and the inherent (and sometimes appropriate) selfishness in people. It's refreshing because I'm glad i'm not the only independent thinker out there. Maybe that's just because I'm new to this clan, and don't yet realize many members are.


Anyway, great read. I hope you share more in the future.


- V

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*wakes blog up from the grave*


Good read. Its a shame so many human tendencies have become taboo and that we are forced to believe we are wrong to be selfish, greedy, gluttonous, lustful, etc. After all admitting your "sins" and talking free about it is so much better than bottling up. From my point of view parts of the internet have become so tainted and rotten because in the real world people feel like they are not allowed to let out their bad emotions whereas in the anonymity of the internet they can express themselves however they want. People are continuously being held accountable for the words they say and the opinions they have making it is sad to see the internet is already more of an outlet than a recreational activity.


Let's continue keeping this place a transparent version of the real world. Keeping people so much more real than in what we call the "real" world.

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I recognize alot of you on these blogs and its good to see you putting in your 2 cents. So I'll put in mine.  Im the granddad, grandfather, papasmurf or any other thing you wanna call me.  Life is short so always look for the brighter things and the happier things in life.  Your life will be just miserable if you dont.  Look for the greatness in the sunshine, rain , blue sky, green grass. flowers and all things that God has given us.  You are totally responsible for your life and your feelings during this life so make the most of it.  This and other online games makes a wonderful break in daily life with many friends and occasionally lovers.  Heck i met my wife on the internet.  However, there is no substitute for living real life with real ppl.  So dont worry , be happy.   With summer here there is more and more things we can do with other real ppl instead of texting them on our phones or sitting here playing games all day.  Get out and be with ppl, have sex, have kids, love ppl and life, its really pretty good.  Don't let life pass you by as you sit shooting germans.  Sure as an esteemed  leader of our clan you may have some responsibilities but the world wont end if you live life.  Every clan, legion or what ever you wanna call it usually results in poor management because it is just a game.  Hey if it was better, great but if its not, no biggy, itll get along.  Dont feel guilty. Neuro this isnt pointed at anyone this was just a good place to put it, to me.

(Warren) Kooki


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