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Writer's block



Song to go with this: Just Believe (VIP Mix) by InContext:


One of the most important things I think there is to me is that I'm a writer at heart. I take in everything I watch, everything I see, every interaction I make, whether it's on or offline... and manipulate it to create my own worlds, my own beings. In some ways, it's the equivalent of playing god. It's something that's rather frowned upon, at least here where I live- but is it not so that everybody does it? As this is indeed a blog- an article of pure opinion- to get things started, I'm going to give my views on this ever-heated subject.

  • Having authority is not a bad thing.
  • In light of this, "playing god" is not a bad thing.
  • But only in the event that you do not abuse that power.

So it is with this, that I and millions, no billions, continue to be on the edge of progression. There are some of us that want others to share our vision with, and there are those who simply want to shut off their connections to the world at large. By now, I'm sure you've noticed my usage of the word "us". Perhaps you're wondering why I'm using such a... discriminating word. But let me ask you this, why not make yourself a part of this? Become "us". The world is only as segregated as you allow it to be, you know.


So, with all of that said, onto more rambling...


As said in my profile, I was born in Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido, Japan. I haven't been there in the summer recently, but in the winter, it is absolutely gorgeous- snow covering everything and crystalline like frost coats and turns even the most ancient and/or distasteful things into items of shiny, new metallic value. And even amongst the snow, you'll see throngs of people going to and fro- and even the light rail running at full service, people eager to get home and sit under their kotatsu. And thousands of miles away, there is a young man who goes by the online handle 'Xernicus'- a name he thought of in the middle of a game, after tired of being identified as "Sherman" or "Player1"- who resurfaces these memories and relives the past experiences of those winters in Hokkaido.


Unfortunately, those memories abruptly halt, as I am reminded of my current standing, and my obligations. Just right in front of me are papers from my job, with "Disclosure or use of this information is not allowed. Printed: 12/29/2013 at 06:03" is written in small letters yet screams out from the rest of the content. 'How did I get into this situation?' I wonder, scrolling through the tens of tabs I have open, saved for the relaxation time I have yet to ever achieve. Unfortunately, that "relaxation time" is referred to by me as one of the many fantasies of life. Hence the reason why I write. For that fleeting moment... anyone and everyone is able to step into that realm of life. Those fantasies, desires, the goals. Unfortunately, with that comes those moments that are inevitable, yet we wish for the ultimate demise of... the lack of creation.


It's at this point where I'm going to close this particular entry off, as it's gotten a little too abstract, even for my mind right now.


The sun cresting upon the edge of a mountain range,

the eternal voice of music singing in our ears,

the scenery flying past as we begin our descent,

For once, we can be taken away,

for all you need to do is,

Just Believe.

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