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Complaint against AXS|<<GerReich->>



Dear Moderators,


I would like to file an official complaint against moderator AXS|<<-GerReich->> because of his deeds today on the server ET Hardcore EU.


We, couple of dozent players were hanging around on EU when AXS|<<-GerReich->> showed up, he acted unusual, but we didn't worries about because he was good player, even if sometimes a bit fierce.


Until all hell broke loose: Around 19:35 in the evening, he slapped ALL//Frencheese, and begun spamming and insulting (NEU) Juice, when |FRE|Presse told him to stop it, AXS|<<-GerReich->> told him to stfu and !mute -d him.


Around 19:38 he has slapped [CZ] Prague then continued to insult him till he just left the server.


He didn't let anyone else enjoy it game either, he rushed the maps Poland; Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and walljumped!!!!! France!


Not much later, he has also banned (NEU)Juice for no reason at all, and began to insult >>All|UnitedKingdom<< but he couldn't kick him thanks to his protected status.


We are really getting desperate, I would like to ask supermods SOC|USSR and ALL|USA to do something.


Please hurry he is abusing even his own teammates.


yours sincerely



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I don't get the (NEU) Juice part LOL

It supposed to be neutral and jews, admittedly i had struggled to come up with an appropriate clanname, got any suggestions?:)

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Wow, thanks Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Depends on whether i can increase the quality of the writing.

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lmfao :D

i love how germany pwned france :D


no offense meant to frenchmen. or frenchwomen.

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