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My adventures and my two cents on what all this life stuff means

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I'm Glad I Grew Up as an Only Child

As you can tell by the title I was an only child. Oddly enough when someone asks "do you have any siblings?" and I reply with "No I was an only child" I get a very negative reaction. People always tend to think I should be lonely, sad, or I've missed something. Don't get me wrong the thought of a big brother to run around with sounded appealing as a kid, but now that I'm older I realize my childhood ruled!   Growing up I liked to be home. Of course in my teenage years (which wasn't to long ago) I went nuts and hung out with friends a lot but as a little kid I liked being home in my room. One of the "only child perks" was that I had a room all to myself. My own fortress of solitude. That's the place where I decided that I wanted to play music, I watched/discovered my favorite movies and games. It's where I came up with my own ideas about what I wanted to do or become. The best part is that I was completely uninfluenced by anyone while I was alone in my fortress of solitude, and that's my point I've been getting too. Personally I feel like where I grew up an only child, I've made a lot of conclusions all on my own. I feel as if I got to create my own views. That being said I'm sure there were times where that big brother would have come in handy, and I'm in no way saying that people with siblings haven't made conclusions on their own. For me personally though I feel that I am the way I am and I think the way I think because of growing up an only child.   From getting the full attention of your dad at all times to sharing with someone because you wanted to, not because you had to, being an only child was an interesting adventure. With no one there to question the mysteries of the universe with I was forced to create my own opinions out of nothing more than my own brain. As I said before, the thought of that big brother to cheer me up and run around with was appealing, but I'm glad I grew up as an only child.     -Taborham Lincoln




The Science of being Awkward

Through countless social interactions, most of which were unwanted, I've come to the conclusion that I'm a mother effin awkward guy. Being "awkward" by definition is to lack skill or dexterity but society has dumbed it to down mean weird/odd basically. Being weird is completely relative though because my normal isn't yours and your normal isn't mine so in theory someone on earth will think YOU are weird or awkward too!   The reason I say that I'm awkward is that in most social interactions I tend to say something that doesn't really fit the situation. I do this without thinking because an idea pops into my head then I verbalize. Idk why I just do. For example I was in a store, today in fact, and purchased a few goodies and the cashier says "that'll be 16.82" and without thinking I say "Ah the year I was born" and preceded to laugh out loud at my own sillyness because I heard 1682 and thought of something funny to say. She expressed and extreme amount of uncomfortableness and handed me my things. All I really did though was be myself.   That particular experience made me ponder. I realized every time that I did something that could be considered "socially awkward" all I was really doing was being 100% myself. So now I ask a question. Is there really such a thing as "weird", "odd", or "awkward" or is someone saying/doing something we don't really understand, them just being their unfiltered self. And if so isn't that what we all strive for and makes the universe so rad?



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