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F|A Member for nearly 2 years now.... :-P

Posted by Novice, 11 April 2012 · 1,096 views

Not really good at writing these things so you wont read an awesome blog entry as others have recently, but I realized today I been an F|A member for nearly two years now, originally set on trial in May of 2010.

All I have to say it has been an awesome two years here in F|A I've been part of a few online communities (none gaming related) but none have given me the joy, satisfaction, and friendship I have received from you all in my two years here. I've made some really good friends here, some I had to pleasure of speaking on the phone, texting, or just chatting up about real life and even about personal issues I/You may of had. I look forward to many more years here in the F|AMILY. Thank you all for making me feel welcomed here.

Love always,

Congrats dude :D. I still remember when I met you in .bb.. It has been a long time o.o
Gratz mate its always nice to game with you. I also went on "trial" in May of 2010. Its been a wild ride.
Gratz! :]]]
Good old Novice <3

omg i remember when i started playing F|A, you was the best and most skilled player for me... Anyway congratz bro :D
I remember blade from Oasis map.. freaking giving head shots with pistol across the map.. that's where I saw him first :P
Novice bullied me for two years.

I kid, I kid. I probably bullied him ^_^
gratz youve made it this far and still enjoyment is still on the run!

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