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Posted by Pabbatt Blue, 23 October 2017 · 310 views

My life

Throughout my life I've never tried to fit in a group of people. I always thought the best people come to you and to never chase anyone. When I landed in this clan I joined for the Family core values I saw and respected, what this clan stood for. Love, respect, no bigotry, no hate, no racism, this was my perfect ideal world of people that could get along no matter there pasts, coinciding respect and etc. I met great people here and continue to this day learn different experiences from both older and younger members/trials/regulars of this clan. Now that is only the feeling of what I get this clan stood for with the Family motto. Feel free to laugh at me continuously but this is my past and this is why I joined. I never had a real functional family, this isn't meant to be the boy who cried wolf but just a touch upon my experiences. I know people have had it way worse, this is a way to get to know me like I'd like to know you guys/gals. At a young age I saw my mother abused, my father be a drunk and my grandfather go to prison for 20 years. Needless to say I didn't have any good role models except my mother. I got intoafist fight with my father multiple times where I knocked him out throughout my life. police came every time, the form they gave us to fill out for family dispute became so familiar after these fights I knew it by heart at the time. My father kept illegal guns and always stuck me into an awkward position of bailing him out of his troubles at a young age. This spiraled to me getting involved with gangs with other reasons in my life which I haven't really talked about here. Introducedto drugs at a young age that didn't help either. I was "Friends" with a gang in ri and ma both of which brought me and them serious trouble which I somehow always seemed to avoid. bailing them out from getting arrested, saving there ass, the guns, the fights, it always flashes back as regrets. But only a yearago before I joined this was my idea of a family. A life and and a elaborate past which I haven't explained even here in this blog to a good extent. I only wanted to touch upon it. So with this being said which isn't much just understand that I like everyone in this clan, I have horrible communication skills sometimes which a lot of you have seen more than others. But I always mean well to you guys. When I look at people in this clan I don't see Leaders, staff, trials, regulars, I see everyone as equal with equal things to offer in a difgferent category of the clan. I never mean to piss anyone off. I like all of you. And I enjoy seeing this clan grow. This is my escape I guess to say from my past. To anyone I've ever insulted by mistake, back lashed at, got into an argument with, just understand I'm sorry whether I was wrong or right. I like all of you and want to help in whatever way I can for all of you if you come to me. I'm proud to be a part of this community, scratch that, not community... FAmily. I never had a core understanding of a family.. So forgive me, I'm learning. And this is me asking for help.

That's the cool thing about the type of community F|A is.  It really is more like a family in that way.


No matter who you are or what kind of background you have, as long as you uphold the values that the rest of the clan holds, everyone can come together and have fun and take a break from the every-day struggles and negative thoughts on the past and present.


It can be hard to type all that stuff about your past and put it on display, so I have respect for you in that way. Wish you well!

My PM is always open for u. And u know this very well. 

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