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FYI on Soup

Posted by Soup, 19 April 2017 · 328 views

Been out of the game lately laid up. Crushed my top metatarsal bones on my right foot. Sorry I haven't seen you guys or had much time to play, just trying to get through pain and healing. Hope to be back on within a day or so. And I hope this won't reflect bad on my Trial membership not being able to play for the last 3 days or so. Just in too much pain to focus sometimes. See you guys soon, happy fragging. :D

In my homeland all patients prescribed heavy drugs for any bone displacements. The Oxycontin and Percocet must do the trick, Soup...

APPLICATION REJECTED!!!!! Hehe jk ;P No worries mate , shit hapen . I did broke a foot bone too and it was a nightmare lol it still hurt few years after . Try to let it rest (perfect timing to netflix and chiiiiiilllll) . Wish you to feel better soon



Patrick and Eazy. Hope to be on tonight.

Nothing to worry about Soup. Take care and heal. And don't forget to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs, even if the Red Wings aren't in it this year. Cheer for the Leafs instead lol

take care of you foot + pain !

Had a chance to play a lil bit on both HC an Jay1, I do OK till the oxycodone  hits full force then i cant's see straight.  But I'm feeling much better today with the medication. Now I see what the big fuss is over opiates in the news, that stuff will whack you bad. 1 second I'm wide awake the next thing I know i'm hitting the keyboard with my forehead. I just can't believe how powerful that stuff is for such a tiny pill. Gonna call my Doctor and see if I can get something not so powerful.

Went to Dr he has me on 800 mg motins 3x day, still hurts like all he77 but I just couldn't handle those oxydodones. Ice, Ice an more Ice lol. Stay away from those oxy's at all cost if you can kids. Thats some wicked sh!T.

Went and got my teeth fixed and my hair done while I was on oxy's . I look pretty damn sexy, I notice the women look at me more now also, so I got that going for me...

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