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little unimportant things....

Posted by Patrick, 24 March 2017 · 359 views

ex-gl. clan players are visiting HC again, like in 2012. I asked Masa about them...


Domi can smiling for two minutes straight.


Talked to Mike and Anon about Elsarof. Both says he is a goob boy, but provoke easy....


Saw some member not wearing a tag on silent1, but still has his 12 level.


E:fool: not so good anymore. He plays better before, nearly like Detdet and Raider. Also he is more talkative now... Saw him drunk 3 days before on HC.


Krush and Cheep are sparking then talking on forum.


Saw a member with 9 post only....


Igor and Fragger are not so bad like they want to be.


I wonder if Yoyo and Ransom do kinsa still playing on FA servers.


I miss Anti and great Kai...


I began to see good things in Konard... How sad. Send him a letter abut how being nice on server and forum...


Weed talks on HC.


Real Angel's name begin with "S".


TS speak with Iva at last on beginners... She seems busy like willow.


Finally heard Gengis voice on TS. So strange, I play with him nearly 5 years and never bother to speak with him


Masa is hilarious character

I miss anti soo too. He was my main man...we were gonna rule the world together...
Wtf xD

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