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Posted by OnionKnight, 01 February 2010 · 1,219 views

GNILLEY - You will Shit Your Pants While Screaming On the Toilet


One of the top games this year in Global Game Jam 2010 is a Zelda Nes Clone called GNILLEY

Developed by newcomer, Glen Forestter, GNILLEY is a game where you yell into your microphone to attack enemies and blast walls. The more noise you make the more damage you do and the longer you yell, the longer the damage stacks over a period of time. The game is around 7 mins long but hey the game costs 0 dollars and is free to download. So go get some friends, some snacks and play some GNILLEY. I am sure you will have a laugh.

Download GNILLEY for FREE

I figure I'd lose my voice after a few levels :( That game needs to be played in the middle of the night.

It is a fun game though. Get together with some friends or play it when your drunk
were you there in person?

were you there in person?

No lol. But I can tell you it is a fun game at least =D
haha that's sick :D

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