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Obama to combat the American Constitution via Executive Order!!!

Posted by =Death Hunter=, 11 January 2013 · 1,447 views

obama tyranny revolution civil war ban assault rifles
So here we go. The word on the street is that the team Joe Biden is spearheading has agreed to bring Obama ideas on using executive orders to curb mass shootings with assault rifles. Not mass killings... mass shootings with assault rifles.


What this means essentially is that nowadays the government of the U.S. thinks for some reason we work for them instead of the other way around. The 2nd Amendment is there so we can protect our homes and families. And also to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. It is stated very clearly in our Constitution that this right in particular "Shall not be infringed." And what that means is the government has no authority to control or regulate our firearms in any way. The same government who flouridates the U.S. drinking water are the same guys that worry for your safety because there are Americans with weapons everywhere? Hard to believe. It's actually unbelievable. The same government who started a war in the middle east that's killed thousands and thousands of people over 10 years now are the same who are compassionate? Give me a break. There's one reason for trying to take our rights away. And that is Tyranny. Tyranny leads to oppression. And that's how dictators are made (dictatorships aren't always just one person).

I hope that if this is the route that they're going to try and take with us... that they are prepared to be shown that the American people will surely be underestimated because we are armed millions strong. Let them come and try to take them from us.

So please don't shoot me for asking this, but everytime I read about PROTECTING OUR SELF FROM THE EVIL GOVERNMENT. I'm wondering...

How is that going to work... I know you can get an AR-15...
Yeah, that will do the trick versus the government who spend bazillions dollar on 'defense'

Just an European guy thoughts
Like I said, don't shoot me please, I'm genuinely curious ^^
I understand what you mean DrJoske, it can get a little misleading. But what it basically is, when the Constitution was written, there wasn't the bazillion in defense budget kind of stuff. It was meant to ensure a limited form of government, and the Bill of Rights was made to make sure that the government didn't infringe on certain rights, rights which if infringed upon or suppressed, would be in opposing conflict with what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when writing it.

Hope this helps a bit.
Joske that is because you live under a controlling socialist government ;)

Don't trust the government :P

Joske that is because you live under a controlling socialist government ;)

Don't trust the government :P

Yeah, according to the government I would be considered armed to the teeth ^^

- 2 bows (one is a modern one, one is from 1960 or something)
- Bunch of airsoft guns (no silly orange tip in Belgium ) => one of them caused a bit of problem with the police special forces about a year ago. Nothing serious, just an awkward moment ^^

- Stepdad is about to get a gunlicense. Yes, it's possible to get a gun in Belgium :o
- My grandfather who lives across the street got some sort of hunting rifle, don't ask me a name. Not even sure if he still got it, last time he went hunting is years ago.
My Cold dead fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for people outside the U.S. it's always hard to understand, why americans insists on their right to buy tons of weapons. IMHO assault rifles are not a must-have (let's be serious: you don't actually NEED one...it's just about the possibilty to be able to BUY one).
I understand, that once people are used to laws (wether they allow assault rifles or not), it's hard to overcome these and re-think about if it's good that almost everybody can buy such weapons or not.

but to quote Joske:
"Just an European guy thoughts" :)
The Colonists seem to do a pretty good job with Britain the first time. But they had guns on par with the military. But in the end how the f are we going to deal with a tank rolling into our neighborhood? Guns can't protect you from oppression alone. But without them it would be a lot easier. If a cop is doing something illegal, record it. A government official going beyond the bounds of his job is still considered a threat and can be shot if breaks into your house without a warrant or announcing his presence.
From my time spent in the military I can guarantee more than 75% of the soldiers will not fight for Obama against the American people.
It"s sad to say,but, the US people will lose due to the fact that all these people worry over are gays rights,,racists issues,,and where to get their next coffee. Shootings have been going on for decades,,it"s now that they want ALL news media to cover any kind of shooting that goes on to get the people seeing it everyday so government can swarm in and say,,,see,,we need gun control. Me myself,, i think that tv and radio have ALOT to do with youth running around trying to play gangster. If the people of any country were to start beating down all these lil thugs this crap would stop. I go to the carwash or just about anywhere and all you hear is some rap crap about killing and raping,,geeezz,,and their little kids will be in the car bebopping their heads,,this is where it needs to stop as well! We have about 53 people in my near area that if anything went down,,including myself,,would stand to fight. I am 42 years old,,and i for one will tell you,,,I WILL STAND FOR MY RIGHTS,,no matter if against man or machine,,we have toys here too,,,ALOT OF TOYS.
There will be no executive order and no vote in either the Senate or the House for any bill limiting the right to bear arms. The house is republican controlled and they will never pass it. The Democrats in the Senate and the House are up for re-election in 2 years and they will not commit
political suicide over this mandate. There are too many states west of the Mississippi that will not hear of this. So don't worry. It is just another
dumb-ass move on Obama's part to try to do something he is not capable of doing. The only thing he is good at doing is spending money he doesn't have.
I been a long supporter of the 2nd amendment and looks like it's going to be a battle for a long time with the gov. I agree with need to stop the gangs and the criminals. Please enforce the current laws that we have then make new ones. Stop talking away rights to legal people who own guns that want to protect their families.

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