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Let's Duel! Part 2

Posted by F257, 28 March 2010 · 509 views

Cuurently its

Dare 4000 points | Medic 3500 points

Medic attacks with AAROP 2 but Dare reveals BRAIN CONTROL.

Posted Image

Dare takes control of AAROPS and uses it to destroy CALDASGSM

Medic places one card facedown and ends his turn


Posted ImagePosted Image

He then reveals his face-down card - MONSTER REBORN to bring back KANE

Posted Image Posted Image

Dare attacks Medic's lifepoints directly. Dare then places one card face down to end his turn.

Dare 3200 points | Medic 800 points

come on he can't win that easy :cry
=( how come you never include the cards i like.

Posted Image

Also that kane card is bad ass =P
ffs Onion you keep making THE WRONG KINDS OF CARDS
what, no mill card with arty whoring powers?