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[FIX] Install Shield Failing due to several unresolved issues

Posted by Chuckun, 21 February 2012 · 2,246 views

installshield installation failure errors
Ok so I had to reinstall some software, and kept getting repeated installation failures even after system cleansing, restarts, safe mode, etc. Every time it would say:

"Installation failed due to one or more unresolved issues. Error I-001" followed by "Error: Cannot find installation. Check this program is installed before attempting to install" - LOL?!

Anyway, eventually I figured out that if you delete the following hidden folder, you remove the issue.. It's just InstallShield confusing itsself.

C:/Program Files (x86)/InstallShield Installation Information/ <--- Delete that folder and start the installation again. Problem solved.

Note: This is for Windows Vista/7 64bit.. For 32 bit I assume it will be in "Program Files" instead.
Note 2: In Windows XP it should be C:/Program Files/common/InstallShield Installation Information/ - I found that info online and dont use XP any more so I cannot guarantee it.

If ever you run into a similar problem, this solved them all for me without causing any problems. The folder is simply recreated properly. The folder you delete obviously has some corrupt / invalid data in it.

Sounds like a PEBKAC problem to me :P thanks for sharing.
How very dare you! :P Bwahaha xD You're welcome.. It's a f***ing annoying error, if you ever get this error you'll love me forever for writing this. It did my head in for so long!


C:/Program Files (x86)/InstallShield Installation Information/

What do you think? :P

What do you think? :P

Linux doesn't use an install shield like that :)
Then why ask if I'm on about Linux? Lol xD
come on i was making fun of you :)
i know your on gates crap.
Oh my bad.. I thought you were asking if this blog entry was about linux! Lmao xD

But yeah.. Until Ubuntu gets back to reality, or Mint actually release a version without 10million bugs, I will stay on Windows. Can't be assed converting over again and again just to find out that it's all bullshit. Linux is seriously losing its touch while trying to appeal to non-techie users.

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