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F|A has taught me a lot.

Posted by Chuckun, in Skills, Bans, Cheaters, Theories 02 February 2012 · 1,740 views

experience learning f|a
Ok, so I guess it's time to post something in the F|A Experience blog once again.. And I will not disappoint.

When I was invited to join F|A by daredevil, one of the three stars behind what we now know to be this wonderful community, I knew next to nothing about ET.

I played with the default config, with the default hideous crosshair, and I struggled to get 25% accuracy. The only customisation I had was that I used the arrow keys instead of WASD because I thought it was easier.
Did that matter to F|A? No. Because F|A is a fun community not one for braggarts or show-offs, despite some of the recognisable skill we have amongst us.

Now, I'm at around 40% accuracy, I have the perfect config for me, and I'm having more fun with ET than ever thanks to this, and the great set of members and regulars that we hold.

But this isn't all I have F|A to thank for. During my time here I have learnt a lot. Not just about configs, but about GUIDs, etkeys, punkbuster, and much more. I am proud to have been able to produce an ETKey generator for the clan, and a tutorial of how to force enemy territory to not only recognise it, but to store it and make sure that it isn't forgotten. When I joined this clan I didn't know what an etkey was!

That doesn't sound like much, but for someone who just knew how to play, and a small amount of rcon from a previous server I had rcon access to, the knowledge I have of the game now is incredible.

But I have to say, the biggest achievement for me to date, is my ability to detect cheaters. I have become very confident with my ability to detect cheaters..
Clan members / trials will notice that anybody that I don't ban, and who I post about in the private suspected cheaters section, are pretty much never cheating. I have my suspicions, but I cannot see a cheat, so I post asking for other members to check it out, thinking I must be wrong about them.. But no, it seems my eye is now well trained for cheaters and if I can't detect a cheat, it's pretty much because they aren't cheating.. But nonetheless I will always post suspicious players simply because others' opinions matter.
I can confidently review demos of players that other clan mates or regulars have posted, and determine whether they are cheating or not. If I genuinely think they are cheating, I have no qualms about saying they ARE cheating, or even to issue a ban, and face the music. I don't jump the gun, and I know the difference between luck and illegal activity now, and so I am confident with my decisions. And for me that's a great achievement for someone who knew nothing about what is or isn't possible, or even the commands and functions you can use to help detect cheaters.

Nobody in particular has helped me to work these things out, or shown me how, but for the most part, this community is so good at communicating and expressing their opinions, that just by silently following the activity in cheater-related sections of this forum, I have become competent and fairly efficient with regards to detecting and proving cheaters to be cheaters.

For this, I have F|A to thank for.

As a side note, I have also learned to use Invision Power Board ModCP xD lol

If anyone reads this, then thank you for your time :) And thanks to all who have participated in offering opinions and help when detecting cheaters, and also helping others with their configs etc, because although I was too shy to ask, I have still learned a lot from you guys!

:D Chuckun

Pure shite!

JK nice blog chuckypoo
And I think you also taught us things ^^
It's that, a community/family : everyone learns things thx to the other members and vice versa :P
Thx Chuckun, thx =F|A=.
Lenght life for =F|A=!
Yeah Chuck, you've passed on a lot of your knowledge dude. I for one am thankful for that, so ...thank you!
You're definitely an asset to be reckoned with here!
thanks chuck, keep up the good work!
I actually read this one :P
Nice blog mate
Hehe same here :] I didn't know anything about ET at all until I joined this clan, I also used the regular crosshair and everything untill Hulk told me to poke Medic to make a config for me rofl.. played so much better after that

Nice blog :]
another nub here :P
at least you learned something, I just know how to use !pants cmd .
nice to Learn something from play/fun forums

I hope we will learn good things ...good luck chuckun :)
Bwaahahhah I am the master of !pants :D :D :D

Thanks for comments folks :D
nice blog m8

keep up the great work on forum and in game :)
only 40 acc xD

only 40 acc xD

STFU that is good for me! I do get more like 50 acc sometimes but to say 'i get 50 acc' because of that would be a lie. I most commonly get 40-43 :P ANYWAY STFU!
U are good cake :) Oh ModCP is going to change a bit I think in 3.3 IPB and moderation will be more faster, I think afaik.
Do I get a cake for being a good cake or shall I just eat my arm? xD

Awesome dude :) I think I'm going to start looking at IPB more closely, learn to write mods for it etc at some point when I'm not so busy.. Maybe then I can write MODs FA needs.

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