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Jaymod commands

!admintest (!ad): Displays your current admin level.

!about (!ab): Shows information about the version of JayMod that is currently installed.

!time (!ti): Shows the current local server time.

!uptime (!up): Displays how long the server has been running.

!help (!h): Shows all Admin System Commands you are authorized to use, and gives descriptions.

!page (!pag): Shows a Page# from the last command which produced long output.

!spec (!spec): Instantly switch to spectators team and follow the specified player.

!resetmyxp (!resetm): Completely reset your own XP.

!listplayers (!li): Displays all players connected, their client number and admin levels.

!ftime (!ft): Shows the Current Central Time in a FUN way.

!pip (!pi): Makes players glitter like a little elf.

!pop (!po): Let all players pop of their helmets.

!mute (!m): Mute so he/she cannot talk. No voice commands, nor chat, nor admin commands.

!unmute (!unm): Allow a player to talk again.

!kick (!k): Kick a player off the server.

!cancelvote (!can): Voids the current vote.

!shuffle (!shu): Shuffles the teams based on XP gain.

!spec999 (!spec9): Put everyone with ping 999 to spectator team.

!baninfo (!bani): Show ban details.

!banlist (!banl): List banned users.

!putteam (!pu): Put a specific player on a differend team.

!nextmap (!nex): Ends the current map and advances to next map.

!rename (!ren): Change a specific player's name.

!restart (!rest): Restart current map and keep all of the XP gained during the map.

!resetxp (!resetx): Completely reset a specific player's XP.

!pants (!pant): Strip a player of his pants.

!crazygravity (!cra): Change to a new random gravity every 30 seconds. No argument reports status.

!finger (!fin): Get information about a player.

!panzerwar (!panz): A panzerfaust frag-fest. No argument reports status.

!reset (!reset): Restart the current map andalso reset XP to what it was when map started.

!shake (!sha): Make players screen shake for a chosen period of time. Default is 1 second.

!slap (!sl): Slap players around.

!sniperwar (!sn): A sniper shootout. No argument reports status.

!swap (!sw): Put all Axis on Allies, and all Allies on Axis. Spectators stay Spectator.

!ban (!ban): Ban an online player.

!banuser (!banu): Ban a user. Useful for banning players which are not connected.

!disorient (!dis): Disorients (flips) a player's view.

!fling (!fling): Fling a player randomly into the air.

!flinga (!flinga): Fling all players randomly into the air.

!glow (!gl): All players emit a colored glow. No argument reports status.

!launch (!launch): Launch a player striaght up.

!launcha (!launcha): Launch all players striaght up.

!levinfo (!levi): Show admin level details.

!levlist (!levl): List admin levels in database.

!lock (!loc): Lock a team so players cannot enter it.

!lol (!lol): Rain grenades from the sky.

!lsplayers (!ls): Displays all players connected, their client number and admin levels.

!news (!new): Plays the 'news' for the current or specified map.

!orient (!or): Orients a players view.

!pause (!pau): Pause the game.

!revive (!rev): Revive yourself, or revive a differend player.

!seen (!seen): Find the last time a specicfic admin was seen on the server.

!setlevel (!set): Change a specicfic player's admin level.

!smite (!sm): Sets players on fire.

!splat (!splat): Make a specicfied player go Splat!

!splata (!splata): M-m-m-moster splat...!

!status (!st): Server status. Various bits of internal information relating to server resources and operation.

!throw (!throw): Throw a specific player straight ahead.

!throwa (!throwa): Throw all players straight ahead.

!unban (!unb): Unban a specific player.

!unlock (!unl): Unlock a team so players can enter it again.

!unpause (!unp): Unpause the game.

!userinfo (!useri): Show user details.

!userlist (!userl): List users in database.

!dbload (!dbl): Reload (read & merge) the Admin System database files.

!dbsave (!dbs): Save the in-memory Admin System database to disk.

!levadd (!leva): Create a new admin level.

!leveldelete (!levd): Remove the admin level specicfied by LEVEL. Effected users will automatically be migrated to the leveloptionally specified by MIGRATE_LEVEL (default: 0).

!leveledit (!leve): Edit an admin level.

!useredit (!usere): Edit an user.

!userdelete (!userd): Removed the user specified by USERID.

NQ commands

!setlevel [slot/name] [level] - Give level to player in that slot.

!kick [slot/name] [reason] - Kick player from the server.

!ban [slot/name] [time] [reason] - Ban player from the server

!unban [ban slot] - Issue unban

!put [slot/name] [b/r/s] [reason] - Put player in Allies[b], Axis[r] or Spectators[s]

!listplayers - Display player list including slot, admin lvl and last characters in GUID

!mute [slot/name] [time] [reason] - Mute player for given time

!unmute [slot/name] - Unmute player

!showbans - Show ban list. Use !showbans -15 to show last 15 bans.

!help [command] - Display command help. If used without command, shows command list.

!admintest - Display your own admin level

!cancelvote - Cancel(Override) a vote currently going on.

!spec999 - Put all players with 999 ping spec.

!shuffle - Shuffle teams based on XP earned. Player with most xp will be placed axis, 2nd allies, 3rd allies, 4rd axis, 5th axis, 6th allies...

!rename [slot/name] [new name] - Rename the player to the new name

!slap [slot/name] [damage] [reason] - Deal damage to the player. If no damage is specified, 20 is used. Note: cannot kill the player, if damage dealt exceeds current health, player is left with 1hp.

!warn [slot/name] [warning] - Present a given warning to the player. A wistle sound will be heard by the player and text will be displayed. There is no log of warnings whatsoever, it is merely a 'display warning' command.

!news [mapname] - Play reel of news, if available, for given map. If no map is given current map is used.

!restart - Restart map.

!reset - Restart match.

!disorient [slot/name] - Disorient player.

!orient [slot/name] - Undo disorient on player.

!resetxp [slot/name] - Reset xp for given player.

!resetmyxp - Reset xp for yourself.

!pants [slot/name] - Remove pants from given player. If no player is given, everyone is !panted

!finger [slot/name] - Display information on the given player in the console. In NQ this displays SLOT, ADMIN LVL, GUID, IP.

!contact - Display message on how to contact us. (Xfire: hellreturn or etmedic) => Out of date?

!bye - Display a farewell message and play vsay 'bye' (will even sound even if cg_novoicechats is 1).

!pizza - Display fun message of om nomming a pizza.

!coke - Display fun message of drinking coke.

!website - Display =F|A= website url.

!vent - Display =F|A= vent ip address.

!maps - Display map cycle.

!vip - Display message "VIP members will not need 40k XP for app!" => outdated

!apply - Display recruiting message.

!forum - Display forum url.

!forums - Display forum url.

!rush - Display rush rule: 5 minutes no-rush but let players enjoy the map.

!join - Display

!takess [PB slot] - Send PB SS of player to server. Note that PB slot = regular slot + 1.

Remember to give reasons when using commands to enforce rules. Also when specifying a time you can use several options:

   !mute 5: mutes for 5 seconds
   !mute 5s: mutes for 5 seconds
   !mute 5m: mutes for 5 minutes
   !mute 5d: mutes for 5 days