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von Rantala

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von Rantala

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Movies what you should see

07 March 2017 - 06:10 AM

So in this topic me and we all can post movies what all should see. I try post movie per day (when i can be active)




My all time favorite movie, watched movie probably over 100 time and still watch it 3-4 time per year, now days i try keep 3 month break before watching movie again, what longer break you keep, that better movie is when you re-watched. Its rare that you can watch same movie over and over again and it is still good movie, usually you get bored if you watch movie again or its lost something and it not touch you so much anymore. Great movie!

New Site awards published

25 February 2017 - 05:49 AM

So here come our new'est awards. All can be awarded no matter which lvls you have, so user, regulars and trial-members+ can be awarded. To be able to get these trophies just post in this topic https://fearless-ass...e-poster-award/ and your award will be added to your profile once we check that you meet criterias.


Here come to awards and criteries to get those.


1000 poster award 1k_award2.png forum homester


5000 poster award 5k_award.png Site Addicted


10000 poster award 10k_award.png Philosopher


Thanks to Stavros and Karizmatic for making and helping to make awards! If you have suggestions for new awards my pm is open.




To Get your awards post in here https://fearless-ass...e-poster-award/

Post here to get site poster award

25 February 2017 - 05:46 AM

So post here to get your site poster awards.


All posts count.


To get award you need to meet criterias. Here come to awards


1000 poster award 1k_award2.png forum homester


5000 poster award 5k_award.png Site Addicted


10000 poster award 10k_award.png Philosopher


So you get one award per goal. Example 8000 poster would get one 1000 poster award and one 5000 poster award and next award what you can get is 10 000 award.

New Donation Awards!

28 January 2017 - 05:50 AM

So we are published new donation awards! Its one way to us to thank you for donations what you make for us! Here they come!


bronze%20award_zpsom0sdzra.png    Given to those who have donated more then 500$ to support Fearless Assassins.


silver%20award_zpsq794jdwi.png    Given to those who have donated more then 750$ to support Fearless Assassins.



21l272p.png   Given to those who have donated more then 1000$ to support Fearless Assassins.



donator_award.png     Given to those who have donated more then 100$ to support Fearless Assassins in one calender year



You who already meet criterias will get your award in week time.



Thank you to all donators.



Thanks to Karizmatic for making these new awards!

How to connect to ETPRO server

18 January 2017 - 06:42 AM

Thank you to Sunlight who discovered how to connect to ETPRO server if you have problems to connect there!


In the client:

/cl_allowDownload 1

/cl_wwwDownload 1


cl_wwwDownload 1 is optional but you will download much faster.


I also discovered the reason why I couldn't connect from Linux, if that can help.


In my etpro/etconfig.cfg I had cl_wwwDownload 0


Therefore even if I connected with +set cl_wwwDownload 1, I started from etmain and once etpro was loaded it loaded its own etconfig, and cl_wwwDownload went to 0 thus changing my userinfo and aborting the www download from the server. Since in the server there was a sv_wwwFallbackURL set, the whole thing failed.


now sv_wwwFallbackURL is empty and if you fail the download from www you will download slowly from the ET server itself.


to summarize:

Make sure to have cl_allowDownload 1 cl_wwwDownload 1 both in etmain's etconfig.cfg and etpro's etconfig.cfg, or even better, connect with +set fs_game etpro or load etpro first, then set cl_allowDownload 1 cl_wwwDownload 1 and connect.


Anyway, now you will be able to connect regardless, but that would allow you t odownload from www which is much faster.