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In Topic: Guys, I can't connect to any server. Please help.

Today, 10:31 AM

its either you guid or the game fails to run as admin 

Failed loading .\jaymod\ui_mp_x86.dll:

this is error of not running as administrator 

VM_Create on UI failed

this is guid issue if im correctp erhaps mismatch due diff install of et ?

In Topic: Guys, I can't connect to any server. Please help.

Today, 09:55 AM

delete and reinstall / download here: https://fearless-ass...y-full-version/

In Topic: Post here your country's traditional or your favourite food

Today, 05:19 AM

today's evening diner :)


Found a good site with English translations for German recipies so I'm leaving these two here:


Swabian Lentil Stew with Spaetzle:




And for dessert, Cheesecake



also this lentil stew im defently interested in to make somewhere reaal soon :P looks really nice thanks for sharing ! :)

In Topic: help me plz!

Yesterday, 10:17 AM

well can be few things either you use a wrong /r_primitives 0 or 1 or 2
/com_maxfps number run et in task manager with high priority and lower programs that use much gpu and you dont need
also your location to server can matter if you are european for example to eu servers you can reach other fps then to a us server
example im from Europe if I join jay3 beginners 1 I can do easy 600fps, when i go to jay1 us located server I only can do max 250 fps 
also are your internet settings standing good ? /rate 34000 and /cl_maxpackets 100

In Topic: What song are you listening right now? - Part 6

Yesterday, 06:25 AM