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Congratulations to our new management team members

07 February 2017 - 06:07 AM

I'm glad to announce some promotions in the ranks of our management team. Join me to welcome warmly and congratulate our new Leader and our two new Staff:




- Unknown  -  Leader from Co-Leader


- L3ftY.  -  Staff from Recruiting Team

- United Blood  -  Staff from Recruiting Team






Congratulations nubblets!!! :)

UJE The Ghetto - Enemy Territory Map

11 January 2017 - 01:49 AM

File Name: UJE The Ghetto

File Submitter: Ann![email protected]

File Submitted: 11 Jan 2017

File Category: Maps


"The Axis have launched an attack on the ghetto. Our Ganghouse is comprimised. Hold the line and keep them out of the ghetto. Our fall back position is in the ghetto."



"Retake the ghetto and repair the tank awaiting you there. Use it to break into Ganghouse and steal their combat maps. Escape by helicopter."



"The Allies have control of the ghetto and have set up a Ganghouse in the ghetto. The Axis are trying to regain control of the ghetto and get to a broken down tank, break into Ganghouse, and steal theire combat maps."


1 "Primary Objective:Defend the Ghetto."
2 "Primary Objective:Prevent the Axis from repairing the tank."
3 "Primary Objective:Stop the tank from Getting into the Ganghouse."
4 "Primary Objective:Don't let them break into Ganghouse."
5 "Primary Objective:Protect the Combat maps."
6 "Primary Objective:Do not let the Axis get away with our Combat maps."
7 "Secondary Objective:Establish a Command Post inside the Ghetto building."
8 "Secondary Objective:Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post."


1 "Primary Objective:Take control of the Ghetto."
2 "Primary Objective:Repair the tank."
3 "Primary Objective:Escort the tank to the Ganghouse."
4 "Primary Objective:Break into the Allied Ganghouse."
5 "Primary Objective:Steal the Combat maps."
6 "Primary Objective:Escape with the Combat maps."
7 "Secondary Objective:Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post."
8 "Secondary Objective:Set up a Command Post inside the town hall."

Click here to download this file


10 December 2016 - 08:19 AM

Let's start a GIF thread!! No specific rules aside of course our usual ones of forum.. So, not those highly offensive, nor porn* ones, so on.. I want it cool, smart and fun! :)









Chicken Bucket final - Enemy Territory Map

27 November 2016 - 05:21 AM

File Name: Chicken Bucket final

File Submitter: Ann![email protected]

File Submitted: 27 Nov 2016

File Category: Maps

Name: Chicken Bucket final2*
File Name: chicken_bucket_v2.zip
1 "Primary Objective:Don't let the Axis control the jukebox."
2 "Primary Objective:Play the Allied song on the jukebox."
3 "Secondary Objective:Don't let the Axis construct a Command Post."
4 "Secondary Objective:Build a Command Post to reduce the time between reinforcements."


1 "Primary Objective:Keep the jukebox playing with the Axis song."
2 "Primary Objective:Don't let the Allies take over the jukebox."
3 "Secondary Objective:Construct a Command Post to reduce the time between reinforcements."
4 "Secondary Objective:Prevent the Allies from constructing a Command Post."


- Overview: what was supposed to be a peaceful meeting at a popular fast food place turned into a warground over the jukebox, given the conflicting musical tastes. After both sides constructed a Fort Concrete, the fight was on to see who will be the Bucket Masters!


- Map Information:
Filename: bucket_v2
Menu Name: Chicken Bucket
Gametypes: wolfmp wolfsw
Players: Up to 32 per team is supported


Chicken Bucket by Tasian

Click here to download this file

City of Lost Children Final 2 - Enemy Territory Map

06 September 2016 - 08:13 AM

File Name: City of Lost Children Final 2

File Submitter: Ann![email protected]

File Submitted: 06 Sep 2016

File Category: Maps

Title : city of lost children
BSP Name : lostchildren
Author : Here
Game : wolfmp
Description : a map based on the movie


* MAP Information *
New Textures : none
New sounds : none


* Construction *
Base : none
Build programs : q3map
Editor used : q3radiant!
Other programs : bspc-gui
Known Bugs : none


The Axis powers go at this map on the defensive! By all means that are available on the Axis powers they need to protect valuable papers. it must Between the narrow waterways and corridors the Allies under no circumstances be able to gain the upper hand and the blockades Freizusprengen. Did the Allies broke through the house wall there is retreat to the ship, so that the Allies are not able to forward the papers by radio to their headquarters.


The Allies must especially rely on Enge kidneys because they have to blow up the many blockages in this Map. Also command centers and MGs must be built with the help of pliers. Is the path to the documents / papers forced open and have broken through the house wall with dynamite, the documents are retrieved and are brought safely to the ship. The ship is in the harbor behind to erupting house wall. In the ship itself, the path is not as wide, since the papers have to be brought to the top floor and transmitted by means of the radio. If the documents are on target, the Allies have won the match.


Special features of the Map:
Well what is special about this Map. First of the map has been drawn up by the French. Filmmaker JP Geunet after the movie "city of lost children". Who plays this map should therefore be reflected in the Kullisse the film. It is striking that the map is divided into two zones. One zone is in the documents, between the narrow streets. The other zone is behind to erupting house wall. To understand this it is best times on ingame to the house wall and beyond this. Now if you go Duch going to the other side, you should understand what I mean.


Graphic implementation:
The graphic implementation is actually fine. the red house walls can use the map in a "blush" appear. The sky is dark with brownish elements and fits well with the general design. unfortunately lacks a little variety in detail. It seems as if every corner of the same, especially because there are narrow streets you see after some time only red tiles. The blast end of the Allies Hauswand would ach may be a little more details tolerated. In the next version so takes a little more love be plugged into detail.


The map is not only with a large 17.7 MB map but also on the wide forth. To empfelen this map is for many players (at least 12) since otherwise hurtling only through the alleys. the more players, the slower will be the match for the many alleys and recesses give good coverage for campers. Is the path to the documents only forced open, it will be difficult to bring the documents on this long way to the ship. In whole, it makes be fun this map to play with many players.

Click here to download this file