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#786328 Tournaments (ETPro)

Posted by Dest!Ny on 13 November 2017 - 05:15 AM

I just want to see ETPro side a lot more popular i.e. there public server being used


been there done that. Its definitely possible to re-populate the ETPro server, create tournaments, and revive the scrimteam. and all that But dont underestimate the effort it takes to keep things going. Its like stretching a spring, sure when you are there to stretch it it will stretch but the second you'll have to start all over again

#786320 Tournaments (ETPro)

Posted by Dest!Ny on 13 November 2017 - 04:04 AM

snatix' tournament is probably still going to happen, just needs to reorganize the dates. Dont wanna put words in his mouth so dont take this for a fact, but I am pretty sure he doesnt wanna give up on it.


If you wanna organize something you are more than free to do it. assuming you are not using F|A's name to host the tournament you are more than free to host whatever you want as an individual. But if you do want to host it through F|A you obviously do need permission. Deathbringer hosted a small 3o3 ODC and Im not sure if it was through F|A but it was fairly connected to the clan at the very least. If you want it to go through F|A to spread the clanname then you do you, but if you expect to get more support then I wouldnt push my luck, you have a better chance asking for co-hosts personally.


As for Smirre's comment, he is definitely not wrong. It happens in every clan, especially bigger ones that people promise a lot but cant back it up. There is not much you can do about it besides making sure you have enough backups so your LU wont be short when time arrives.


My advice would be to wait for snatix' tournament to end, and then another few weeks so people dont get burned out/bored. And also to realise what you are getting yourself into. Judging by the experience you have Im sure you know how much effort goes into organizing a tournament (for the host a lot more than for a co-host), however Im sure you can handle it.

#784800 more object based teamplay

Posted by Dest!Ny on 02 November 2017 - 01:41 AM

If everybody would care about obj allies wouldnt win a map. The only reason why allies can win is because enough axis dont care. You think you can win a 15v15 map if axis cared? No, you cant. You think that on teuthonia you can even get the tank if axis were acrually trying to win? No, you cant

#784789 Which mod you'd like most to be added on another server?

Posted by Dest!Ny on 01 November 2017 - 11:30 PM

all I want in life is a server on any mod where people dont play so damn lame all the time, in every aspect of the word

#784693 more object based teamplay

Posted by Dest!Ny on 01 November 2017 - 04:56 AM

stop trying to make obj play happpen on a pubmod. its not going to happen. ever.

#784501 Reset players stats K/D every 1st of each month

Posted by Dest!Ny on 30 October 2017 - 11:30 PM

hmhhhhh, pretty difficult I'd say. The problem k/d brings in general is that people start playing for it, so how would this suggestion relate to that? I think it could go either way, On one hand the fact that your k/d will reset anyways might hold off some players from k/d whoring, on the other hand your k/d fluctuates the most in the beginning so people are extra careful in that period, if that period repeats every month then it might bring a not wanted result.


All in all I'd say let's just give it a go and see how the people respond, change is always better than no change

#784397 Standardization of application forms

Posted by Dest!Ny on 30 October 2017 - 05:22 AM

you should probably switch to asking for SteamID64, thats quite a lot easier, especially for people who dont have a custom SteamID

#784375 Italy (and things)

Posted by Dest!Ny on 30 October 2017 - 02:03 AM

I dont think hc needs 30 minutes map, small maps can be 20 or even 15-18 in some cases whereas big maps dont need to be over 25. 


EDIT: I should probably say something about the topic itself more. I think the point of added time from an objective orientated point of view is great, it serves its exact purpose.

If Im not mistaken then italy starts on 20 minutes, and gets +5 for every gold you put into the jeep. We could try to remove the +5 for the first crate but keep the +5 for the second crate, so the map takes 25 minutes max.

Why you ask? Because the jeep takes time to get from point A to B, if there is 2 minutes left on the clock and you still need to return 2nd crate the map is already lost but when you know there will be minutes added your effort is never in vain. The same reasoning applies to making the map 25 minutes with no added time. Giving a minimum of 5 minutes for getting the jeep from crateposition to 1st spawn (which is probably around a 2-2,5 minute ride if uncontested) is extremely fair in my opinion.


P.S.: If time allows me I would love to spend time with people running through every map seeing how we can improve them without removing them but only if I can expect something to actually come of it

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#783614 Shuffle command

Posted by Dest!Ny on 24 October 2017 - 10:17 PM

I had one player complain about a shuffle because it "did not give us enough time to get the weapons we want."  I suspect that he lost the panzer.


well, the whole server doesnt spawn as soldier smg after a shuffle, everyone keeps the same class and weapon as long as both are available. if the panzer of both teams get shuffled into one team the one who switched teams will loose it, nothing a longer warm up will fix

#783417 Biggest tip you will ever receive

Posted by Dest!Ny on 23 October 2017 - 09:57 AM

Problem is ppl dont use sprint which makes them slower than sloths... annoying every single time u have to push them outta way to not block.


must... save... sprint... can't... stop... self...

#782816 What made you continue to play ET?

Posted by Dest!Ny on 20 October 2017 - 12:01 AM

the community is less aids than most other shooters, the ammount of weebs is also very appealing

#781586 Terminology help needed

Posted by Dest!Ny on 09 October 2017 - 04:51 AM

Played plenty so I can help where you need it. Everyone kind of uses different call outs so its not always easy to understand.

For example on overpass there 'water' which can actually mean 3 places depending on who you play with, some call them long, water (site), and construction. But some others call construction 'short' which is confusing because theres A short as well which some people call banana.... oh and 'toxic' on cache is also pretty interesting

#779685 ...testing new maps & i need your help!

Posted by Dest!Ny on 25 September 2017 - 04:50 AM

YES, this sounds like so much fun. This is a great way to get more good maps in the servers on a more active base. Just get our heads together, think about chokepoints, the flow of the obj etc.

Im definitely up for it

#778759 ETPro - Jaymod Teams - Invitational event

Posted by Dest!Ny on 20 September 2017 - 03:05 AM

@ the people who posted that they are interested. Keep in mind thats its your own responsibility to gather a team. Dont assume anyone will do the work for you or nothing will happen. If you are truely interested then get to work! Ive seen way too many times that plenty people are interested for whatever is posted, but when there actually needs to be something done the room gets quiet. Dont let it happen! >:[

#777747 Looking for..

Posted by Dest!Ny on 13 September 2017 - 08:21 AM

// Spawnpoints
bind kp_ins "setspawnpt 0;echo ^pSpawnpoint^2:^7Default
bind kp_end "setspawnpt 1;echo ^pSpawnpoint^2:^7One
bind kp_downarrow "setspawnpt 2;echo ^pSpawnpoint^2:^7Two
bind kp_pgdn "setspawnpt 3;echo ^pSpawnpoint^2:^7Three
bind kp_leftarrow "setspawnpt 4;echo ^pSpawnpoint^2:^7Four
bind kp_5 "setspawnpt 5;echo ^pSpawnpoint^2:^7Five

// Class binds
bind F8 "vstr classfieldop"
bind F7 "vstr classengi"
bind F5 "vstr classsoldier"
bind F6 "vstr classmedic"
bind F9 "vstr classcovop"

// Class script
set classengi "vstr classengi1"
set classengi1 "vstr classrecycle; class e 1 1; set classengi vstr classengi2; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Engineer^7/^4SMG^7]""
set classengi2 "class e 2 1; set classengi vstr classengi1; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Engineer^7/^4Rifle^7]""
set classfieldop "vstr classrecycle; class f 1 1; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Fieldop^7/^4SMG^7]""
set classsoldier "vstr classsoldier1"
set classsoldier1 "vstr classrecycle; class s 4 1; set classsoldier vstr classsoldier2; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Soldier^7/^4Pf^7]""
set classsoldier2 "class s 5 1; set classsoldier vstr classsoldier3; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Soldier^7/^4Mortar^7]""
set classsoldier3 "class s 2 1; set classsoldier vstr classsoldier4; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Soldier^7/^4MG42^7]""
set classsoldier4 "class s 3 1; set classsoldier vstr classsoldier1; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Soldier^7/^4Flamer^7]""
set classmedic "vstr classrecycle; class m 1 1; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Medic^7/^4SMG^7]""
set classcovop "vstr classcovop1"
set classcovop1 "vstr classrecycle; class c 3 1; set classcovop vstr classcovop2; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Covert^7/^4sniper^7]""
set classcovop2 "class c 2 1; set classcovop vstr classcovop3; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Covert^7/^4FG42^7]""
set classcovop3 "class c 1 1; set classcovop vstr classcovop1; echo "^7[Spawn: ^4Covert^7/^4Sten^7]""
set classrecycle "set classengi vstr classengi1; set classcovop vstr classcovop1; set classsoldier vstr classsoldier1"

// Team
bind leftarrow "team r 1 1; echo "^7[^1Join^7:^1Axis^7]""
bind rightarrow "team b 1 1; echo "^7[^>Join^7:^>Allies^7]""
bind uparrow "team s; echo "^7[^<Join^7:^<Spec^7]""
bind downarrow "quit"

// Spawntimer
bind MOUSE4 "vstr timerSet-time; vstr enemy-spawned; play sound/menu/select.wav"
bind h "vstr timerSet-toggle"
set enemy-spawned "echo ^p-> ^gEnemy Spawned"

set timerSet-time "timerSet 20"
set timerSet-toggle "vstr timerSet30"
set timerSet-TimerInput "openTimerInput; set timerSet-time resetTimer; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSetxx"
set timerSet20 "set timerSet-time timerSet 20; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSet30; echo ^1>> ^9Timer Set: 20; play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timerSet30 "set timerSet-time timerSet 30; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSet15; echo ^1>> ^9Timer Set: 30; play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timerSet15 "set timerSet-time timerSet 15; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSet25; echo ^1>> ^9Timer Set: 15; play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timerSet25 "set timerSet-time timerSet 25; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSetxx; echo ^1>> ^9Timer Set: 25; play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timerSetxx "set timerSet-time vstr timerSet-TimerInput; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSet20; echo ^1>> ^9Timer Set: Input; play sound/menu/select.wav"

Binds :3