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#800111 Can't remember name of map, can you?

Posted by Dest!Ny on Yesterday, 12:29 PM

http://et.trackbase.net/map/125 you may thank me later

#799537 Hey im do this 10 000 000xp by t3am2000-Romash j1

Posted by Dest!Ny on 21 February 2018 - 03:29 AM

thats a ot of heavy weapons xp haha, literally no eng and fops xp and almost no medic xp :o

#799281 Something's Not Right

Posted by Dest!Ny on 19 February 2018 - 10:34 AM

So far, better. Dropping FPS to 150 helped a lot. Do you think with a bigger monitor I should increase crosshair size a bit? Or does 40 seem right?


it kind of depends, if you are the same distance away from your screen you will see the crosshair in the same way. If just seeing the crosshair is enough for you then that should be fine. I know some people like to have a crosshair around the size of an enemy head, which would mean you need to increase your crosshairsize as well with (new screen diagonal/old screen diagonal) * current crosshairsize (I think?). However if you are now sitting further away from your screen I guess you kind of have to try some shit out to find what you want because I cba to calculate 3 dimensional distances from different angles right now.


In other words: don't change shit unless you have trouble seeing your crosshair or if it doesnt have the size relative to the enemy body that you like 

#799238 Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award February 2018

Posted by Dest!Ny on 19 February 2018 - 02:34 AM

Come back to us Coco-chan >////< !!!

#799162 Something's Not Right

Posted by Dest!Ny on 18 February 2018 - 10:14 AM

I see that on people with 169 ping, even. I'm gonna try 150 FPS and here's my HWmoniter info, if that helps

why 150? If you want to run your game optimally you need to choose a max_fps that in the range of round_down(1000/N) where N is a positive integer. A small theoretical list:


Some special ones:
1000/13=76 (default option)
1000/14=71 (recoil script)
1000/23=43 (default option)

next step: maxpackets. Your max packets value should always be in the range of round_up(maxfps/N) where N is again a positive integer value. Optimally you would want to use 125 maxpackets on a 125 maxfps but ET doesnt support anything above 100 maxpackets.
Therefore if you want to make optimal use of your bandwidth you should either:

com_maxfps 125; cl_maxpackets 63
com_maxfps 100; cl_maxpackets 100

All of this is assuming you have stable fps and this also partially explains how an unstable fps afffects your gameplay since your max_packets doesnt adjust to your constant change in fps. However if you make optimal use of your bandwith (defined by /rate as well) you will have a better shot at keeping your fps stable

#799123 Something's Not Right

Posted by Dest!Ny on 18 February 2018 - 03:42 AM

Didnt you mention a little while ago that you switched to se big tv screen?

Tv's are known for having big input lag which could definitely result inability to aim well

#798808 ET Trick Jumping

Posted by Dest!Ny on 16 February 2018 - 05:34 AM

@catgirls TJ Server with cheat /nofatigue enabled i guess? Those jumps are impossible to do in a normal mod :P


it's called AP, as said :P. its used on some ETrun servers

#797907 Recent change to Jay2 - Both SMGs

Posted by Dest!Ny on 09 February 2018 - 08:08 PM

wait... do ppl spawn with BOTH smgs now? I though axis could just CHOOSE thomspon as well as allies could CHOOSE mp40


didnt see that one coming

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#797320 POKEMON GO

Posted by Dest!Ny on 05 February 2018 - 11:37 AM

Show me your pokedex  ( .)  .)

I can show you this:

Still waiting for a kyogre :(

#796779 My perspective on the [dd] and F|A situation

Posted by Dest!Ny on 31 January 2018 - 06:37 AM

Sooooo... 2 topics have been created yesterday, both started because of certain frustrations and both ended without solving such frustrations. 


From what has been said you can only conclude that not much progress has been made, the only thing that has happened was fighting and bickering. Not a good start. So now that maybe everyone has calmed down a bit and is able to have a normal conversation with one another.


Enough points have been brought up to stop the arguing and get some solutions figured out.

Naturally since I technically don't have any influence in what your decisions you are free to do as you please, but if you want to look forward to a stabilizing relationship between both parties then I'm sure all of us would like you to consider what I'm suggesting.


Also note that this is written purely on personal opinions that don't necessarily correspond with the rest of the clan.


So of course I admit that our own approach to certain situations is also not very clean, so I want to have the idea of 1 side being right and 1 side being wrong out of the way. We both have wrongs and rights the way I look at it. 


Chapter 1: The situation.

What currently is going on is that we as teammates naturally like to play with each other, I don't think that's very illogical in your eyes. I'm also certain that there are plenty of other people who have a certain someone they love to play with, or maybe against. From what I've seen I'd say clans like [email protected] kind of show the same behavior when 2 or more are on the server and I don't really see anything wrong with that. However what we also tend to see happen more and more is that admins ask specifically us to move teams, in certain situations I really don't see an issue here don't get me wrong. If a certain team really is down by a lot and the only good option is one of us then I can personally see a very good reasoning behind the admin's actions. Although the real problem is that sometimes there are in fact other options. There are plenty of players who are just as capable of killing people as us. To name a few: entire [email protected] clan, entire <>< clan, Bunny, Noober, Nightmare, entire ,=- clan etc. Even though these options sometimes are available to admins it still occurs they ask on of dd to join. Therefore I would like to request that in these situations, BECAUSE we like to play with each other that admins also think about what WE want. If there are 3 people that would be a sufficient swap, and 2 of those are dd, maybe you can consider to move the 3rd guy sometimes, this way you also keep it fun for us. Perhaps this would also result in some of dd feeling more reluctant to help YOU out sometimes.


Chapter 2: Confirmation bias. 

I can't imagine a more perfect scenario then what happened today. First of all, I think you all realize that stacking teams isn't something ordered by the higher ups in the clan or something like that, therefore I also want you to realize that every member of dd is a different case. Thus I would like for you to ask yourself if you really think that Adeby, of all people, would be the person to stack teams. If you think this is the case you haven't been paying enough attention because he is the exact opposite. What happened today is a lot more than what you can see from your screenshot, I assume there is more proof in the private sections but for every other reader I would like to point this fact out. 

The observation I made was that it all more or less escalated after minas on Goldrush, IIRC at the start of the map there was outlaw, Adeby, trout on allies; me on axis. After a while my team got overrun and teams got uneven so trout and Adeby joined axis (trout joined by himself, Adeby got put). After a little while axis started gaining a lot of ground and after outlaw left the server allies got utterly outclassed. Then the point came where admins found it necessary to move things again but since the weaker side this time had the bigger amount of players a putteam had to be used. Once again Adeby was moved to allies. I don’t see why you would need to move him multiple times when there was both me and trout available, I believe certain people pressed many times that admins aren’t supposed to “bully” people with the putteam command or in any other way. This combined with the accusations of stacking and whining is naturally not fun for any player so Adeby started "messing around" as you can clearly make up from the way Swixz formulated his words. So now you have "proof" that he is a stacker "all along" where in reality this was perhaps the first time he did it consciously and for the very purpose of stacking.


Chapter 3: Our possibilities.

None of us are admins, none of us are able to putteam ourselves to the weaker team if that team has more players, nor is it our duty to even teams to join the weaker team if teams get stacked AFTER we joined a team. What’s tends to happen is that even though the map starts out on even grounds (let’s say 3v2 important players), however one of the latter side decides to leave. Suddenly it is 3v1 and the single guy can't hold the scores equal by himself and some or many of his teammates leave the server. This is NOT a situation where anyone stacked the teams, yet we sometimes get accused for it in these scenarios. The other situation as mentioned is where the weaker side has 1 or 2 extra players and one of us just joined the server. Is it, as simple regular, our duty to wait till a spot comes free on the weaker side? I don't believe so. Is it our duty to sit in spec? I don't believe so. Plenty of people join the server and join a random team, yet when we do it we get flamed. Now it is also not your duty to let teams be as they are after we are forced to join the team with less players. In my beliefs it is your duty to putteam the new player as soon as possible without making a fuss out of it because he did absolutely nothing wrong.


Chapter 4: Our general position. 

Of course what comes our way is not only stacking accusations but also whining. This does not apply for every member but for some it applies heavily. This has a couple of reasons aside from sometimes just behavioral issues. First of all as a clan we get a lot of shittalking from the people on the server, not a day seems to go by without someone ridiculing us which can kind of get to some. I can confirm that it is surely not a very nice experience when everyone has a negative bias towards you even though you are trying your best. The other big factor is the amount of distrust we seem to get from some admins. Some in our clan truly feel mistreated by admins and that should really not be that way. I can imagine your perspective is that it is just another troublemaker being put in place but in reality that is not the case. Often enough we get cornered into feeling forced to counter the arguing going on which then gets blamed on us. This is really the most unfair thing that is happening, random players are constantly trying to get a reaction out of us, and when finally we decide to dive into the argument we (or both) are the people that get punished or warned. Maybe it's an idea that some more warnings could be handed out towards people being disrespectful because by the way things look now I can only imagine that you let it slip because you feel like agreeing with them which is really messed up.


Chapter 5: The chronological order.

There is a certain order of events what resulted in this whole situation. In the beginning of the resurrection of dd there was already a mishap, which was the ban of Swixz because of recruiting, it is only natural that an event like this puts everyone already on edge. Soon after this the stacking accusations started flying around, this is made possible by multiple reasons I stated in chapter 1 and 3. At this point a small bit of hate already started flowing through regulars which would only escalate and escalate after more and more people, both regular and admin started liking the idea that dd was a rating clan that generally stacked the teams in order to get an as high as possible rate. None of this is true. It did not take long before light flaming against us became a general thing and has apparently been permitted. Biased opinions became more and more apparent and to avoid trouble some of us at that point had decided to stop talking at all on server, which by itself is already pretty crazy. But even after some of us did all they could to prevent any form of provoking the situation didn't change which for some meant that the only resort they felt like having was to fight back. Right now the situation is as bad as it has been now that every uneven situation is seen as intentional stacking and every discussion is seen as whining and arguing. This is why I requested the points I have and most of all requested an understanding of my point of view.


Chapter 6: The conclusions

If both you and us want this endless arguing to stop I can only suggest the compromises I'm trying to make, because using more and more admin powers against us will not by a mile solve this problem the way it should be solved. It really isn't a big hassle to try and comprehend our motives and reasoning and try to meet interests. In my time in F|A it was not abnormal to keep certain interests in mind before deciding who to move to the opposite team, and I hope those times haven't passed. I hope you, as an admin, still hold high the ideal of wanting players to come back and wanting players to feel comfortable on your servers. If this ideal is not anymore of your interest, then I am afraid we will never meet terms and for some of our members this will eventually lead to sanctions they don't deserve. And for people that have a bit of trouble with English, this is not a threat, this is a pleading.




I hope you are able to expand your vision about the full situation with this post. It is a post written perhaps very subjectively and perhaps selfishly in certain parts, but it is also an honest request which I would appreciate to be respected.



-Dest, member of one of the currently most disliked clans :)

#795460 I got banned

Posted by Dest!Ny on 22 January 2018 - 12:45 PM

cl_allowdownload 1

#792238 Which crosshair do you use?

Posted by Dest!Ny on 30 December 2017 - 07:26 PM

Sens and fov have nothing to do with eachother, your periferal view hardly changes. So everyone should just get ued to using 1 sensitivity even if they use multiple fovs

#792121 Which crosshair do you use?

Posted by Dest!Ny on 30 December 2017 - 06:46 AM

Inb4 banned for name script ://///////

#791431 Which crosshair do you use?

Posted by Dest!Ny on 24 December 2017 - 08:54 AM

Small dot with health depletion reader



#791430 What song are you listening right now? - Part 6

Posted by Dest!Ny on 24 December 2017 - 08:53 AM