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Pvt. Parts

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Pvt. Parts

Member Since 27 Jun 2014
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Pvt. Parts' Blog > Life

Posted 20 April 2016

So, i dont know if anybody will read this but here i go. As i talked about in my previous blog, I used to be addicted to pain pills due to a long lasting injury that i got hooked on just from being on them for so long and eventually self medicating for my mood swings. But as of today, i am one year and one month clean and to me that is a HUGE milestone. S...

Pvt. Parts' Blog > My life could have been so much different.

Posted 28 February 2015

Now i'm not usually one to beg for attention or talk much about my personal life to strangers, but I am feeling pretty lonely at the moment and i just want to vent for a minute. I don't know how many people will read this or care to read this but bear with me. Well, to start off, i played football since i moved to public school in 4th grade. At the time I...