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  • Added on: Jul 04 2010 08:33 PM
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Slow Internet Connection?!

Check for your connections

Posted by Papito on Jul 04 2010 08:33 PM
If your internet connection is slow, but you're not downloading anything, your antivirus is updated, your windows updates is disable, well, what is slowing your internet?!
This is so simple, mostly of the software need a update, check itself if there's new updates, we go to check what kind of process or software got an internet connection.

1.- Go to Start and open "Run". If your OS is Vista or 7 you need open "Run" as admin. Also you can find it: Start -> Accesories -> Run
2.- Type: cmd
3.- Type: netstat -b 5 > activity.txt
4.- Let it working close 2 mins.
5.- After the 2 mins., press in same time CTRL + C this to stop it.
6.- Now Type: activity.txt it open a notepad with a resumen.

By example:

Conexiones activas

  Proto  Direcci¢n local        Direcci¢n remota       Estado
  TCP     cds61:http             CLOSE_WAIT
  TCP     gx-in-f100:http        ESTABLISHED
  TCP     px-in-f102:http        ESTABLISHED
  TCP     mpr1:http              TIME_WAIT
  TCP     mpr4:http              TIME_WAIT
  TCP     mpr4:http              TIME_WAIT
  TCP     host:http              TIME_WAIT

"That [crhome.exe] is my internet browser."

You must look the process or software between the "[ ]" if is enable by you or give itself the permission. Now you can uninstall or check your PC for malware.

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