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  • Added on: May 25 2010 07:05 AM
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911 - where is my rifle?

Or: How to improve your rifle's efficiency

Posted by Saevio on May 25 2010 07:05 AM
Have you ever been in a pinch? Has the enemy always camped in the same corners and your normal nades wouldn't reach them, they had better aim than you?
Have you already asked yourself in many situations: Where is my rifle?

This little guide here is supposed to increase your rifle efficiency by giving you a few hints.

First of all! Learn how exactly the rifle works. After a certain airtime, the rifle will explode directly on the first hit. Else, it will bounce once and explode on the second bounce. Shoot a few rifles and get a feeling for when it bounces and when it directly explodes.

Now, we have to differ two playing styles: Attack and Defense. We will start with Attack.

When you're attacking, it is important that you do damage. Most probably you will have teammates around you trying to attack as well, so it's better if you do some damage to three people than to get the kill on a single enemy. As an attacking Engineer with a rifle, don't overuse your grenades for the kills. Who knows? Another Engineer might try to build the tank and just finish it half before he gets killed - that's when you could save your team with the energy you have saved!

Find good spots to shoot your riflenades near the spawn! In most maps, the defending team's spawn interval is 30 seconds. If you find a good position where you're covered and manage to take out two or three enemies on spawn, that is already a big advantage. Not only will these people be out of the fight for thirty seconds, but there will also be many defenders trying to attack the spawnkiller now. If you have a nice cover position, you can fall back, count to three and shoot a riflenade around the corner, grabbing another kill. While you're doing this, your teammates have an easy time since there are way less defenders at the objective.

Being a good riflenaders in defense is an art. First of all, put your sound ON. Depending on the mod, use your lean a lot. If it's a mod where the lean is not animated (ETMain, Pro, Pub) then you can look at what the enemy is doing and stay unseen. As a riflenader, this is essential. You can see what the enemy is doing and kill them around the corners - they won't even have a chance to react. Use your advantages by bouncing grenades into narrow hallways. Try to predict the enemy as much as possible. Find trickshots that will hit the objective while you're in cover! As an example: Supply Depot. There are two easy and essential trickshots:

1. Depot Gate. You can stand in the west top bunker and shoot your riflenade on the ledge above the tunnel exit. The riflenade will bounce off and hit the Depot Gate - do this while an engineer plants! Then load another riflenade and shoot again, with a bit of luck you'll either gib the body and make it unhealable or hit the medic rushing to help the engineer.

2. Crane Controls. You can run out of the tunnel exit near axis spawn and shoot a riflenade into the window, killing the engineer who is building the controls.

Use your pistol! Mount a riflenade and switch to the pistol, attacking the enemy. They will start pushing towards you. When you just run around a corner and bounce a riflenade back, it will be a sure kill.

In conclusion, a riflenade lives off his prediction, but as long as he is predicting, he is unbeatable - except if there's a better riflenade at the enemy team! :)

Gather your experience on the battlefield and your riflenading skills will improve and improve. I hope i will see you there sometime!