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  • Added on: Apr 21 2010 09:57 PM
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Total PC Clean

Clean your PC from malwares, virus, tracking cookies and old files!!

Posted by Papito on Apr 21 2010 09:57 PM
First than nothing you need 2 softwares: Anti Malware and Ccleaner.

1.- Install Anti Malware and update it!
2.- Install Ccleaner.
3.- Press winkey + Pause or right click on My PC -> Properties, disable System Restore.
4.- Restart your Pc.
5.- During the start press a few times F8.
6.- If you did it good, this is the screen to show:

Posted Image

7.- Select Safe Mode, and enter.
8.- After that a window will appear saying: if you prefer to restore your system pressures.... will push us YES, to continue on Safe Mode.
9.- Open your CMD, winkey + R or Start -> Run.. -> cmd.
9.1.-cd %temp% -> del *.* /F /Q /S
9.2.-cd %systemroot%\temp -> del *.* /F /Q /S
9.3.-cd %systemroot%\prefetch -> del *.* /F /Q /S
10.- Completed part of the cleaning, run Anti Malware in Full Scan, when finished, it show you the infected files, will have to restart, reboot.
11.-Run Ccleaner, cleaner and register, the last one run it as 3 times.
12.-Run msconfing and disables some applications do not need, for a better start.

I did this with a few pictures so you could print it.