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  • Added on: Jun 23 2009 02:39 PM
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Boom Headshot!!!

Posted by g.o.a.t. on Jun 23 2009 02:39 PM
set cg_hitsounds "2" //Essential for pwning midrange and close combat, don't recommend it for long range difficult making headshots from far
set pmove_fixed "0"
set cg_smoothclients "1"
cg_predictitems "1"
set m_pitch "0.0161" // Sets the mouse pitch (up/down). Sometimes i'd reduce it to .0.151
set m_yaw "0.022" // Sets the mouse yaw (left/right).

I always play around with my cfg i'm just not a guy who likes to stay with the same ol, so I test out different resolutions and such. Increased my Headshots alot more with these settings than I have ever before also using a 19inch CRT SyncMaster 950p Monitor rather than my laptop 14inch.

I also noticed that sometimes using r_rmse '70" helps clear out and smoothen unneccessary pixels on the screen, but takes up alot of memory so becareful and watch your ram.

I'm not a puss who keeps configs to himself in fear of losing to others, I demand competition and the more players to compete with the better.

I'd like if someone could possibly make a hitsound script that would toggle from cg_hitsounds 0,1,2, thanks please.